Whole House Generators

Choosing the Right Whole House Generator

One of the most common reasons for buying a generator is to supply backup power to your home. A whole house generator—also known as a home or residential generator—does just that. Many people wonder, however, if a backup generator could offer enough electricity to do more than keep the lights on during an outage.

Home generators can, in fact, be whole house generators. There are powerful options that can keep your entire house running when the electrical grid is out—from the lights, to the appliances, and even the AC unit. Home generators can run on a variety of fuels—propane, natural gas, etc.—depending upon what you feel is best to suit your needs. During an outage, you can certainly keep your food cold, your lights and television on, and other important devices you need.

Residential generators are long-term investments to support your home and everyone in it. Extreme reliance on electricity means a higher likelihood for outages, and that is why for many homeowners it is even more important to have backup power. When the power goes out for any significant period of time, it can drive up related costs as it takes time and a lot of power to get up and running again. These generators can start and restore power automatically with an automatic transfer switch, even if you are away from home. They are wired to power whatever units in your home that need power—pumps, AC and heating units, appliances, etc. They can run on your home’s gas and need no refueling, and their engines are suitably powerful. Home generators supply a lot of clean power, and many models offer electricity that is gentle enough for sensitive devices.

Many models come with technology that makes them easier to operate. Displays make setting up easy. Many home generators have features that let you know when maintenance is needed, and they can monitor their progress, even when you’re away from home. They’re also physically strong and safe; they are safely enclosed, often in aluminum, to prevent the weather and time from damaging them so that they operate well as long as you need them. They come in various sizes, offer various degrees of power, and can easily be situated in near proximity to your home.

These whole house generators are not cheap but they are a significant, long-term, useful investment. Many homeowners are able to find an affordable type from the many available options that fit their needs. We can help with that at AP Electric and Generators.