SurgeGuard FAQ

Q: Can 50 Amp models be operated on a 120V/30 Amp, 120V/20 Amp or 120V/15 Amp power source? 

A: Yes, in most cases, purchased RV adapter cord sets can be used with your SurgeGuard products. Note that the adapter must be configured to supply power to both input lines of the 120/240V, 50A SurgeGuard. Also, the power source should be protected by a properly rated circuit breaker, so the adapter cord is not overloaded.

Q: The unit “hums” when operating, is this dangerous?

A: Typically, this is a normal electrical phenomenon caused when the contactor coil “vibrates”. Check to see if other symptoms are present (i.e. signs of overheating or erratic power). Try removing and restoring power to the unit several times. The supplier of the contactor indicates this condition often will subside with continued operation. If the condition persists or other symptoms are observed, contact the manufacturer for instructions by calling 1-800-780-4324 x 311.

Q: How is SurgeGuard different from a voltage booster?

A: Voltage boosters are only able to correct for minor out of specification low voltages and provide only limited surge protection for itself and not for the coach. Voltage boosters offer no protection for extreme over/under voltage and open neutral condition.

Q: Is it safe to switch to the bypass mode?

A: Some discontinued models do provide a bypass function. We have since removed it from all our products for safety reasons. Bypass mode is for emergency use only in a high/low voltage situation. There is no protection for over/under voltage and open neutral when in bypass mode.

Q: What should be in line first, the voltage booster or the SurgeGuard?

A: We recommend that the voltage booster be first, then the SurgeGuard.

Q: Why has my SurgeGuard unit failed? (See troubleshooting instructions, and get help as needed)

A: 1) SurgeGuard unit components will sometimes fail during "normal" operation, for no apparent or obvious reason, rendering the SurgeGuard inoperative. 2) SurgeGuard unit components will sometimes fail when subjected to excessive temperatures, input voltages or surges that might otherwise result in damage to electrical equipment or electronics in the coach. In this event, even though the SurgeGuard is rendered inoperative, it will likely have protected your expensive equipment in the coach from damage.

Q: You lose shore power and everyone around you has power. Is it the SurgeGuard or is it the input power?

A: We have created a very helpful "Before You Call" guide with detailed troubleshooting steps. Please download this guide here.

Q: What are the approximate dimensions for the hardwire units?

A: 34520 - 5.30"W x 11.12"L x 3.78"D
34560 - 5.30"W x 11.39"L x 4.93"D
40100 - 7.78"W x 10.00"L x 5.10"D
40240 - 5.84"W x 14.50"L x 5.27"D
40250 - 8.84"W x 12.75"L x 5.21"D
41260 - 8.84"W x 12.75"L x 5.21"D
41290 - 8.84"W x 14.50"L x 5.27"D

Q: Can I install the hardwire SurgeGuard unit myself?

A: The manufacturer recommends that the unit be installed by a qualified licensed electrician. However, as long as the unit is properly installed warranty is still valid. For all units, the manufacturer recommends that initial power be applied to the SurgeGuard with the coach disconnected. If the SurgeGuard operates normally, remove power and carefully connect the remaining load wires. Apply power for normal operation.

Q: Can the hardwire units be mounted horizontally?

A: The manufacturer recommends mounting the unit any way other than flat where the label is facing the sky. Vertically or horizontally upside down (label facing the earth) is advised.

Q: What does the "Caution When Illuminated" light mean?

A: A potentially dangerous condition exists. Disconnect/remove power and verify that power to the unit (from the power source) is not misfired. If the unit is properly wired, it may not be adequately grounded, causing the CAUTION WHEN ILLUMINATED light to be on.

Q: Why does the Over/Under Voltage light blink for 2 minutes 16 seconds when the unit is first connected and power is applied or reapplied?

A: This is normal. When the blinking light goes out after blinking for 2 minutes, 16 seconds, power is available for the coach. The Over/Under voltage light is not lit during normal operation.

Q: On the portables that have an LCD, what is displayed when a fault has occurred?

A: Reverse Polarity is displayed indicating either a voltage or an open neutral condition.

Q: If the LCD display went out is there a backup for power and fault indication?

A: Yes, there are two LEDs on the face of the unit as a secondary backup for power and fault indication.

Q: My unit makes a single large “clunk” 2 minutes, 16 seconds after power is applied (or when switched to bypass mode). Should I be concerned?

A: This is a normal sound and is caused by the power contactor (relay) inside the unit energizing. This indicates "normal" power is available to the RV.

Q: What do I do when the unit "chatters" when power up is attempted?

A: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPERATE. Consult the troubleshooting guide and/or call TRC technical support at (800) 780-4324 x 311.

Q: What do I do if the unit fails to operate? 

A: With Line Light(s) Off:
Check power source. On 50 Amp units, both line lights must be on for the unit to operate. 

With Lines Light(s) On: If the condition persists, verify that the line (source) voltage is within 102V to 132V per line. If line voltage is within 102V to 132V per line (both lines must be within tolerance), return unit to manufacturer. Call 1-800-780-4324 x 311 for return instructions.

Q: Can these units be “field repaired”?

A: No. The unit must be returned to TRC. Please call 1-800-780-4324 x 311 to obtain a return materials authorization number.

Q: Can these units be “field tested”?

A: No. However, please consult the troubleshooting guide shipped with each product, or at SurgeGuard's Website under the given part number. If unit needs to be returned, please contact TRC at 1-800-780-4324 x 311 to obtain a return materials authorization number.

Q: What is Surge Protection?

A: Surge protection is protection against voltage spikes on power lines. These voltage spikes can cause severe damage to electronic/electrical equipment, even if not in close proximity. Although several factors determine the effectiveness of surge protection, a loose guide is the number of joules rated for the device. This should not be confused with over/under voltage protection, which is effective for a gradual increase or decrease in voltage, exceeding the maximum or minimum voltage for which appliances are rated.
NOTE: Direct lightning strikes can be catastrophic. Although effectiveness varies, obviously no device can effectively protect against a close or direct lightning strike.

Q: Does TRC have a recommended replacement for discontinued models AECM10040A and AECM 10040AG automatic transfer switches, should they fail to operate properly?

A: Yes. If your AECM Automatic Transfer Switch needs to be replaced, TRC recommends the following replacements:
• Model AECM10040A: Replace with TRC Model 40250-RVC-1K
• Model AECM10040AG: Replace with TRC Model 40250-RVC-2K

The above ATS replacements meet the UL requirements for automatic transfer switches, UL1008. Note that the kits include the basic TRC ATS Model 40250, a replacement remote monitor and adapters to allow the existing remote monitor cable to be used. If you have any questions or need assistance in troubleshooting and/or replacing your unit, please refer to the TRC website  or at SurgeGuard's website.. You may also contact TRC Technical Support at 1-800-780=4324 x 311 or 358.

Q: What does the term "Weather Resistant" mean?

A: The term "Weather Resistant", sometimes described as "Rainproof", is used to describe many electrical products that are manufactured for outdoor use. SurgeGuard products described as "Weather Resistant" can be used in most outdoor environments. Please note that these products should not be submerged under water at any time.

Q: How is SurgeGuard different from standard surge protectors?

A: Standard surge protectors do not provide protection for over/under voltage or open neutral conditions.

Q: How do I know my surge protection still works?

A: The surge protection does not usually fail unless there is a direct lightning strike. If this happens, there would likely be other obvious damage; otherwise, the surge protection should last indefinitely.

Q: What is Over Voltage and Under Voltage Protection?

A: Over voltage and under voltage protection removes primary power from the load (i.e. RV Coach) when the voltage drops below 102V or above 132V (safe mode). This predetermined value is selected as the point beyond which electrical and electronic equipment is likely to be damaged if operated for an extended length of time. The user of any protective device is urged to be aware that protective devices are not necessarily effective for all circumstances. Bypassing for this condition can result in damage of electrical equipment on the coach.

Q: What is the warranty period for these units?

A: Refer to the warranty information supplied at time of purchase. Generally, unless otherwise noted, the unit is under warranty for one (1) year with proof of purchase.

Q: Are locking devices available to protect my portable SurgeGuard unit?

A: Yes, a lock hasp (for use with a padlock) can be obtained through SurgeGuard dealers nationwide.

Q: How can I receive additional technical support?

A: For additional technical support, please contact TRC Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST 1-800-780-4324 x 311.