PowerSave FAQ

Q: Can the PowerSave 1200 be installed outdoors?

A: Yes, as long as it is protected with a 20A 240V breaker or fuses.

Q: How does the Power-Save store power?

A: The capacitors are just holding a charge once they are charged and when there is no load running. The load that is being read from an amp draw meter is cycling in the capacitors not being drawn from the line.

Q: How long is my PowerSave Warranty valid?

A: PowerSave has a 5-year warranty on most of their products.

Q: What are the maximum Amps on the PowerSave 1200?

A: The PowerSave 1200 will work on any single phase 200 Amp service or lower. The unit gets installed to a 2-pole 20 Amp breaker or fuses.