Q: What is ASCO?

A: Asco Power Technologies is a global manufacturer of large-scale open transition, delayed transition and isolation bypass transfer switches for the commercial and industrial power equipment market. AP Electric & Generator brings ASCO transfer switch products to market as a certified ASCO retail partner.

Q: Can you provide pricing for ASCO transfer switches not listed on your website?

A: AP Electric & Generators can provide pricing for ASCO 185, 300 and 7000 series switches.

Q: How do I find a local service dealer for my ASCO product?

A: You can find a local service dealer on the ASCO website. Simply navigate to the servie or support that you are looking for and follow the directions on the site to get in touch

Q: How can I contact technical support for my ASCO product?

A: AP Electric's Technical Support team is factory trained to proved the highest standard of support. You can contact us at 847-516-8882 or email us. You can also contact ASCO by phone 888-889-9170 or fill out a contact form.