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Generac Guardian Standalone Generators Take Technology to the Next Level

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Standalone generators offered today feature technologies never before seen on generators. The technological innovations make the new generators run more efficiently, save on fuel, offers greater protection for your electric utilities and consumer electronics products and provides advantages that make life so much easier.

One company that has offered an array of innovations is Guardian. Its Generac 7209 and 7210 are well equipped with such technological innovations as:

  • PWRview
  • Smart Management Modules
  • Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring
  • GenLink® Remote Monitoring
  • MobileLinkGen
  • True Power™ Technology
  • Evolution™ Controller


This particular innovation allows you to keep up with your home’s energy consumption as well as solar generation.

You can receive real-time energy information that educates you on energy use and provide an experience with generator-supplied electricity that cannot be experienced with any other generator.

You have access to a dashboard that provides daily information on electricity consumption, solar generation, and battery usage. You also receive bill estimates and of course significant savings on costs.

You receive multiple layers of data that provides you with deep insights that allow you to make well-reasoned decisions on energy consumption and identifies and explores trends.

With PWRview, there are no surprises. Energy spending is kept under control thanks to detailed bill tracking, forecasts and history.

The live energy data you receive informs you on how your energy resources are being used, quickly inform you how much power your solar panels are generate, and track your energy habits and costs so you can make tweaks to your habits to ensure better and consistent savings.

The system stores your data and makes it accessible for immediately discovering patterns in your solar generation, electricity consumption and battery use. You can also check the status of your entire system and quickly understand the impact of seasonal activity on your energy bill.

At the end of the month thanks to PWRview, you will have an accurate forecast and be able to monitor your energy bill.

It also provides a detailed look at where electrical waste is happening inside your home. Take advantage of this feature and you can create a plant to ensure greater energy efficiency in your home, which could result to a 20 percent reduction in electric utility bills. All of this is available through the Generac’s PWRview™ app. Be aware that savings vary depending on your energy habits, the size of your home and the number of members of your family.

Smart Management Modules

Pinpoint monitoring of your home can be achieved with the Generac Smart Management Modules. They are wireless and no more than eight modules can be used to monitor your entire home. Modules can be installed with a compatible automatic transfer switch.

Load priority can be set for each module allowing you to control only the circuits that most matter to you.

Smart Power system protects all circuits of your home by cycling power on and off when necessary to different appliances. You have full control of the system. You decide which appliances get priority.

Each module also has a lockout feature that blocks specific loads only when a generator is being used. This allows the most important loads to be powered more often.

In addition, you can view load status without opening the electrical box for convenient management of generator power during an outage.

Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring

Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring allows you to monitor the status of your generator through your smartphone, tablet, or PC from anywhere on Earth. You’ll be able to access such information as current operating status as well as maintenance alerts.

GenLink® Remote Monitoring

This is a remote generator monitoring software that connects to any properly equipped Generac PowerManager control system. This device allows you to monitor numerous systems through a PC. It gives you access to such information as site status or servicing needs and can remotely diagnose a genset or Modular Power System through a direct serial connection, phone line or Ethernet connection.

A connected PC will show continuous updated information from the generator or system controller and offer the operating condition of each generator. Input values and operational parameters are displayed. To get more detailed information simply point and click and menus and status screens will appear. This will give you access to such information as generator usage, alarm history, and predictive maintenance reminders.

Alarms are displayed immediately on connected remote computers. In addition, the PowerManagement control panel can be programmed to call the user’s and dealer’s pagers or cell phones. GenLink allows the dealer to remotely diagnose problems and modify generator configurations and parameters when necessary to quickly fix a problem.

Your installer can connect the system to the Mobile Link service. Once that’s done, you can monitor the status of the generator wirelessly through the Mobile Link mobile app or at The cost of standard plans begins at $6.99 a month.

You’ll receive:

  • Real time status updates.
  • Future maintenance needs.
  • Access to your generator’s health and set exercise schedule.
  • And be able to run maintenance history.
  • Local weather updates.
  • Change messaging settings
  • Connection to your account at your authorized service dealer so that they can view the maintenance schedule and alerts.

True Power™ Technology

This feature provides best-in-class power quality with less than 5 percent total harmonic distortion. This assures cleaner power and smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances.

Evolution™ Controller

The Evolution™ Controller features a multilingual LCD display that allows you to monitor battery status of your generator and track maintenance intervals to assure that your generator is always in tip-top condition.

Call or visit APElectric and ask our qualified staff about other unique innovations featured on our other generator models.

APElectric offers a wide range of stand-alone generators from such manufacturers as Cummins, Westinghouse, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Generac, Firman, and Guardian. They have a large inventory to choose from. Their website also includes a generator sizing calculator and offers information on how to select the proper generator for your situation.

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