Kohler Generators FAQ

Q: How should I add anti-freeze to my 30RESA Kohler generator?

A: The preferred method to add or change the anti-freeze is to use a fluid transfer hand pump.

Q: Do all Kohler circuited transfer switches come with breakers?

A: Yes, they use Square D brand type QO breakers.

Q: When can I hook up 2 or more Kohler transfer switches to a single generator?

A: RDT and KSS Kohler transfer switches may have an unlimited number of transfer switches installed to a single generator. RRT Kohler transfer switches cannot have more than 1 transfer switch per generator.

Q: How can I install the Kohler battery charger?

A: The Kohler battery charger in the 8.5 kW – 30kW are pre-installed and plugs into the existing receptacle above the battery under the control board. (Note: You have to feed the receptacle with a 15A 120V circuit).

Q: What is the start up policy for Kohler generators?

A: The 5-year warranty starts at factory ship date unless, at start up, a start up notification is filled out by a Kohler distributor, Dealer, or authorized representative and sent to Kohler. At that point, the start-up date will begin the 5-year warranty.

Q: What is the difference between the Kohler 30RES and the 30RYG?

A: The Kohler 30RES is one-phase only and the 30RYG is one or three-phase (Different rotor/stator).