PowerMate FAQ

Q: How do I contact PowerMate with questions about my generator?

A: You can reach Customer Service at 1-888-977-2622, Technical Service at 1-800-445-1805 or via Email.

Q: How can I contact PowerMate with question about my pressure washer, air compressor and/or air tools?

A: You reach Customer Service at 1-800-628-8815, Technical Service at 1-888-895-4549 or via Email.

Q: How can I contact my nearest service center?

A: You can find a service center online or call PowerMate at 1-888-977-2622.

Q: Where can I find answers to PowerMate frequently asked questions?

A: PowerMate has an extensive FAQ that covers all of their products including generators and air compressors.

Q: How can I find a copy of my product manual or parts diagram?

A: You can find any of the PowerMate manuals and diagrams here

Q: How can I register my Powermate product and file my warranty?

A: You can register your warranty online. You can also download warranty claim forms as well.