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Preparing For A Hurricane

The best way to survive a disaster is to be prepared. With a large section of the United States under threat of hurricanes, there are a number of things residents of that section can do.Foremost is to prepare for the disaster in advance. For example, each individual of a family should keep a portable disaster bag on hand filled [...]

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FEMA Endorses Backup Generators for Power Outages During Hurricanes

Whenever hurricanes strike the United States a large number of the residents of the regions affected can’t or won’t evacuate due to a range of reasons. With strong hurricanes like the Category 4 that is now heading for the three states of North and South Carolina and Virginia, the National Hurricane Center in Miami said that residents should expect [...]

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‘Monster’ Hurricane Florence Targets U.S. Southeast

For the first time since Hazel in 1954, a category 4 hurricane is positioned to strike the coast of North Carolina.Predicted to make landfall early Friday, September 14, Hurricane Florence is expected to batter the coastlines of North Carolina and South Carolina as well as Virginia with as much as a 13-foot storm surge and winds in the range [...]

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The Base For A Standby Generator

How the standby generator is mounted is an important aspect of the installation process. The generator must be protected from any moisture that may come up from the ground. It also must be provided with a solid and level surface. In addition, installers of standby generators must consider local building codes in their plans. Installers are expected to comply with [...]

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Easy-To-Use RV and Commercial Mobile Generators Worthy of the Cummins Onan Name

When you buy a towable RV, motorized RV, specialty RV or a park model RV, they don’t always come with a generator or you may be replacing a defective or old generator. Many people solve this problem with a portable option, which can work if you don’t have a lot of devices to run. However, you’ll start to have [...]

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Generac Magnum Light Towable Diesel Generators - The Right Tool for the Job

From construction companies to paving companies who build roads, homes, office buildings and apartment complexes need something with a lot more kick. There’s also an area between these two extremes, and that’s why the new line of mobile light generators from Generac were made.It’s never a good idea to pull more power from a generator than it can generate, [...]

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Generac Magnum Mobile Diesel Generators - Major Power for Major Projects

Big jobs get done with planning and determination, but no one should lose time waiting for their power needs to be reliably met. For the professional with no time to waste, Generac provides a full lineup of mobile diesel generators for major projects. With a range of power output from 20 to 200 kilowatts, there’s a model for every [...]

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Live Well When Power Goes Out With A Portable Generator: Generator Safety Tips

When the power goes out, the luxuries of modern living disappear in a hurry. Groceries get warm, cell phone batteries drain and finding a flashlight becomes a priority. A generator can make a power outage less inconvenient, but knowing how to operate one safely is important. With attention to a few details and knowledge [...]

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Generac’s Best Selling Home Standby Generator: Generac Model 7043

For the homeowner who prefers convenience, a whole house generator is the only way to go. The generator package comes with the 22kW generator and a 200AMP Service Entrance Rated NEMA 3R Transfer Switch. No busted knees from stumbling through a dark garage to find extension cords. No worries about spilling gasoline on a hot generator when it needs a [...]

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​Best Prices and Volume Discounts for Consumers and Contractors

Aggregation (teaming) with neighbors can be financially beneficial when purchasing back-up power solutions and the savings could be hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending upon the solutions. If you and your neighbors experience frequent or extended power outages, and you are ready to solve this problem—with your neighbors—that could cause one or more of the major the below [...]

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