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Three New Year's Resolutions We Can All Use

As you ponder areas for improvement in 2016, you’re likely considering your health, career, or relationships. While these are certainly worthy of your effort in the New Year, why not think outside the box and add to your annual list of goals?To help you, your team at AP Electric & Generators offers the following three New Year’s resolutions we [...]

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Generators for Business 101: What You Need to Know

We know that running a business can be hectic, and sometimes it’s enough just to get through one work day. The unfortunate news is that it’s usually a problematic situation that prompts business owners to realize the need for a solution. Therefore, your team at AP Electric & Generators wants to shed light on a common issue affecting all [...]

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Featured Vendor: KOHLER

At AP Electric & Generators, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of power solutions from the industry’s best manufacturers. These companies not only want to provide our customers with quality solutions they can depend on, but allow them to obtain them with special sales or incentives.Today, let’s talk about one that is helping add value to your holiday gift [...]

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AP Electric & Generators has great gift ideas for homeowners!

Coming up blank on what to get your dad, brother, son, or any homeowner for that matter? While we don’t have to tell you that time is running out, we will say that you’re in luck because AP Electric & Generators has so many great gift ideas for the homeowners in your life! Learn all about them below, and [...]

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Standby Generators 101: What You Need to Know for Your Home

If you’re considering a generator for your home for preparedness in a power outage, you may be overwhelmed by your choices. Know that the first decision you will need to make is whether you prefer a portable generator or a standby generator. Should you not be planning to use your generator away from your home or property, a standby generator is [...]

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​Four Air Cooled Generator Essentials To Always Have On Hand

When you need a generator, you really need it. That may be in a winter storm that knocks out power, when heat is necessary for comfort or even survival. Or it may be to power tools on a construction site, where a customer is demanding you finish the job at hand. No matter which situation may apply to you, [...]

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Are You Winter Weather Ready?

We’ll officially welcome winter next month, though many of us will feel its chill well before December 21st. Forecasters are predicting below-average temperatures for the Southeast and southern Plains. Everyone who is anywhere south or along the East coast should be prepared for “wetter-than-average conditions.” And then there are those who can expect the same extreme conditions every year without [...]

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How to Care for Your Generator

You just got a brand new generator and are now prepared for power loss in any event. Your next step? Make sure to take good care of your investment, so that your generator is ready for use when you need it most. To help you, here are three basic best practices for caring for your generator and helping to [...]

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Enhance Your Tailgating Experience with a Portable Inverter Generator

It’s football season, and for steadfast game fans, it all starts with the tailgating experience. No matter if college football, NFL, or both, pre-gaming is a way of life, and you want to do it right, which is why many football fans will never be caught without a portable inverter generator on hand.Portable inverter generators enable the use of any [...]

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Will You Be Prepared for an Attack on our Nation’s Electrical Grid?

In today’s society, we relate the term “cyberattack” to someone cracking code and gaining access to such critical information as our credit card and social security numbers. However, a new book by journalist and former news anchor, Ted Koppel, sheds light on a larger form of cyberattack, in which other countries gain access to our nation’s electrical grid and [...]

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