EvoCharge iEVSE Plus 24A Level 2 Networked RFID EV Charging Station w/EvoReel

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24 Amps
Mount Type:
Wall Mount
Charging Level:
Level 2
Networked w/RFID Control
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$3,090.00 - $3,200.00

EvoCharge iEVSE Plus 24A Level 2 Networked RFID EV Charging Station w/EvoReel Features:

EvoCharge EVC4AC0 EV Charging Station w/ Retractor Features:

  • The EVC4AC0 electric vehicle charging station is true Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant. It allows you to select a network provider and is WiFi and 4G-LTE cellular compatible.
  • This iEVSE Plus charger very compact, durably built and is tamper-resistant.
  • This station is RFID card reader capable. The RFID card reader allows you to control access to the charging station using RFID cards.
  • The single-phase, 50/ 60hz charging station can only be used with a dedicated 40A (or greater) supply circuit. It has a 7.2 to 7.7kW power output and has single and dual port options.
  • This NEMA 4 rated EvoCharge iEVSE Plus EV charger can be installed on the wall indoors or outdoors. 
  • More than one charger may be installed, in which case your charging network can be managed smoothly with iEVSE.  Local Load Management (LLM) capability is supported via unit-to-unit Wi-Fi communication. This allows you to charge more than one automobile at a time.
  • This 32 amp Level 2 charger is 8 times faster than a Level 1 charger. It includes an 18 or 25 ft charging cable for maximum flexibility of use.
  • For cable management, there is a Connector/Cable Holster and EvoReel.
  • This station model features a Universal J1772 cable connection. The J1772 plug was specifically designed for electric car charging. You may use the Universal SAE J1772 connector to charge all makes and models of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. (TESLA vehicles require a proprietary adaptor.)
  • The Status Indicator has colored lamps showing the status of the charger, booting, and faults.
  • The EVC4AC0 Charging Station is UL/cUL Listed, CSA, and EvoReel is ETL and cETL compliant.
  • The standard limited warranty for an EvoCharge Charging Station is 3 years and EvoReel’s warranty is 2 years. 

The EvoChargeEVC4AC0iEVSE Plus is a modern WiFi-enabled charging station. It is a heavy duty and aesthetically pleasing charger suitable for all climates.  This Level 2 charger will charge multiple cars simultaneously. It is a smart addition to any home or shop. With the EvoCharge iEVSE Plus charging station, you will not need to drive down to a public charging station for charging. Get a full charge in 4-6 hours while you relax at home. The EVC4AC0 is light, compact, and portable and you can carry it to other locations for charging. EvoCharge iEVSE Plus offers advanced technology. Using the WiFi you can manage your charging from a cell phone, tablet, laptop or PC. iEVSE Plus technology allows you to grant access to users via RFID cards. Select your service provider of choice. This model comes with a Retractor that makes cable management a breeze. 

This electric vehicle charging station offers savings, comfort, convenience and safety. Use the easy payment plan if you prefer. The EvoCharge iEVSE Plus charging station is shipped free of cost. For installation, hire an EV-certified electrician so the job gets done right. EvoCharge is a leading electric vehicle charging station company that offers home and commercial charging solutions.  The US-based company is backed by a century of innovation in the automotive industry. You can trust EvoCharge to bring you the latest in dependable EV charging solutions.