CAT RP12000E 12000W Electric Start Portable Generator (CARB Compliant)

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CAT RP12000E 12000W Electric Start Portable Generator (CARB Compliant) Features:


CAT RP12000E - CARB Portable Generator Features:

  • CAT RP12000E - CARB is a portable gas generator designed for versatile uses heavy-duty fuel efficient Caterpillar 670cc OHV V-2 engine with an electric and recoil start powers the unit.
  • It produces 15000 starting watts and 12000 running watts. It makes very little nose while running and is a neighborhood-friendly model.
  • The 12kW generator has a pressurized oil lubrication system that extends maintenance intervals. Recommended oil is SAE30 or 10W-30. It has the low-oil shutdown feature that extends the life of the engine.
  • The large fuel tank is made of metal and stores 13.2-gallons/ 50-liters of unleaded gasoline. The runtime at 50% load is 11-hours on a full gas tank.
  • The control panel has a 4-in-1 digital display that shows voltage, frequency, running hours and total hours. Controls for start/stop, choke and fuel shutoff are mounted on the panel.
  • CAT RP12000E - CARB has an efficient alternator with idle control. It adjusts the engine speed to the load for fuel savings. The AVR protects all appliances against voltage spikes. The clean high-quality electricity that it produces protects all home appliances.
  • There are 6 receptacles: 2x 5-20R GFCI Duplex, 1x L5-30R (Twist Lock), 1x L14-30R (Twist Lock), 1x 14-50R, 1x DC 12V 8.3A. The snap-fit rubber outlet covers protect the unit from dust, debris, and moisture.
  • Padded, double-hinged handle and never go flat rubber tires make it easy to move around.
  • Certifications include EPA, CARB, and CSA.
  • It comes with free assembly tools, oil, funnel and trickle chargers.
  • CAT RP12000E - CARB comes with a 2-year limited warranty that is extendable to 3-years when registered within 30-days. 

CAT RP12000E - CARB is a portable gas generator that is designed to supply clean and reliable power at home, work, and play. This generator keeps the family, house and workplace safe in the event of a blackout. It produces 12kW of power that is ample enough to run the heating and cooling. You can also keep the foods fresh in the fridge and use the microwave to heat meals. Keep communication devices charged, watch TV or use the computer to keep occupied when the weather is bad outside. 

CAT RP12000E - CARB comes with a removable lifting eye and can be transported to job sites and picnic sites easily. Use it to power work tools and small appliances at work. It features the NEMA 14-50R, an industrial-grade receptacle that can be used for large RVs. The Low-idle mode option keeps the fuel consumption on the lower side and minimizes engine wear and tear. The first-rate all-copper generator produces a high-quality power that protects sensitive electronics that have microcircuits. 

This generator will keep the RV air-conditioning running so all in the party can stay comfortable. The LED-lit control panel makes it easy to operate, even in the dark. It can power a microwave, refrigerator, fan, phone chargers, laptop, fax machine, TV, lamp, and other small home appliances. Low-cost, safety features, idle control, durable construction, and low THD makes it an excellent choice for home, work, and play. All CAT products are built to the highest standards and backed by a nationwide dealer network.