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Cummins RS20AC 20kW Quiet Connect Generator with 200A SE Transfer Switch

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CUMMINS RS20AC Features:

  • The RS20AC contains a V twin air-cooled, naturally aspirated engine. This generator offers enough power to run even a 5-ton AC unit.
  • This model comes with a 200S SE Transfer Switch. This feature makes generator installation and use easier. This switch is rated for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • This unit has a 75 NG / 83.3 LPV amp rating.
  • The RS20AC runs quietly during normal load at 65 dB(A) within 23 ft. (7 m).
  • The CUMMINS RS20AC takes Natural gas or LP gas with 12-inch fuel lines. It has CSA, UL, and EPA certifications and is able to self-diagnose.
  • Thanks to less than 5% total harmonic distortion, this generator offers cleaner power that is safe for all appliances.
  • This model offers remote monitoring that makes for easier use. You can control your unit’s operations from a distance with any internet connected device.
  • The RS20AC is weather resistant. It can run in extremely cold weather, down to zero degrees Fahrenheit. It can resist even lower temperatures with the assistance of some optional cold weather accessories.
  • The standard warranty covers 5 years or 2000 hours, with the option for an extended warranty.
  • Exercise modes let you manage your unit’s operation and conserve power. You can decide at what day and time your generator will operate so that you never use it more than you need. There is also a “Crank only” mode during which the generator cranks the generator, but does not fully start it, so that it can run self-diagnostics.
  • The CUMMINS RS20AC offers even more efficiency with Intelligent Load Management. Your generator can take 4 loads monitoring each load individually. It also only restores the loads it can handle to conserve power.

The Cummins RS20AC 20kw Quiet Connect Generator is yet another generator in this series that comes with reliable, quiet power. This unit also comes with a transfer switch to make switching from standard power to the generator easier. This generator is strong enough to power a 5-ton AC unit while still being exceptionally quiet.

You can run this unit on LP or Natural gas, just choose when you buy. It is also EPA and CARB certified. The RS20AC also offers exercise modes that help make it even more efficient. You can choose when your generator will run and save power, and the unit will crank the engine without starting it to run self-diagnostics.

The Cummins RS20AC is cold weather capable. This unit can run even in zero-degree weather, or lower with some accessories sold-separately. Installation is relatively easy and your unit can be placed just 18 inches from your home. When you’re not at home, you can make sure your model is running properly, and even control it with the help of your internet-connected device. Overall, this generator is an excellent backup source for your home.


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  1. If only it would start

    3 star rating Product Review Rating: 3/5

    Posted by on Aug 23, 2017

    My interaction with AP Electric was great. My generator arrived when it was supposed to. No problems. After installation however there was a problem in that it would' start properly. I'm in the process of getting a Cummin's service man to come and fix the problem. He has been very understanding and hopefully it's nothing serious. It's been discouraging buying a new unit and having such a problem but as long as it's fixed, I'll be satisfied.

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