Cummins A051C329 Load Management Kit for RS13-RS20

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Cummins A051C329 Load Management Kit for RS13-RS20 Features:

This kit is compatible with the air-cooled residential generators and allows the sets to disconnect and reconnect loads based on demand. There are multiple features that make this kit one of the best available options in the market. One such differentiated feature is in its design with closed contactors, which mean no sound from our box and contactors only operate when loads are removed (shed). This means no constant annoying sound for the customer. In addition there is very little power usage from our box whereas other kits in the market are ‘on’ all the time except when a load is removed (shed). The reduced power usage means lower annual cost for home owners. Finally when a contactor fails on other market kits, load is lost until that contactor is replaced. The Cummins Power Generation load management kit is simple and easy to install and ships with a quick installation guide. This kit allows the generator to control up to two 50A loads. When the generator is started, both loads are disconnected. After three minutes, the first load is connected. After another 3 minutes, the second load is connected.


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