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How to Care for Your Generator

You just got a brand new generator and are now prepared for power loss in any event. Your next step? Make sure to take good care of your investment, so that your generator is ready for use when you need it most. To help you, here are three basic best practices for caring for your generator and helping to [...]

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Enhance Your Tailgating Experience with a Portable Inverter Generator

It’s football season, and for steadfast game fans, it all starts with the tailgating experience. No matter if college football, NFL, or both, pre-gaming is a way of life, and you want to do it right, which is why many football fans will never be caught without a portable inverter generator on hand.Portable inverter generators enable the use of any [...]

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Will You Be Prepared for an Attack on our Nation’s Electrical Grid?

In today’s society, we relate the term “cyberattack” to someone cracking code and gaining access to such critical information as our credit card and social security numbers. However, a new book by journalist and former news anchor, Ted Koppel, sheds light on a larger form of cyberattack, in which other countries gain access to our nation’s electrical grid and [...]

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Seven Important Considerations On Where To Purchase A Generator

AP Electric & Generators knows that you have choices when it comes to where you buy your generator. However, considering the nature of most situations in which generators are used – as a solution for power loss in extreme weather conditions, we hope that your decision is based on a number of factors.At AP Electric [...]

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The 2015 Hurricane Season is Here: Be Prepared, Especially for Power Loss

With Hurricane Joaquin making its way to our friends on the East coast, the AP Electric & Generator team want to provide you with some important information to keep safe. As witnessed during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, these powerful storms can wreck havoc on homes, businesses, and residents, and we urge you to be prepared [...]

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Three Industry Secrets for Sizing Your Generator

Home standby generators keep you living comfortably when a power outage occurs. Most home standby generators are paired with automatic transfer switches which seamlessly transfer your power in seconds. In order to effectively use the generator and transfer switch you must correctly size your generator. If your generator and transfer switch are unevenly paired, your backup power supply will [...]

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Generac VS Kohler, What are the Differences?

Generac and Kohler both provide outstanding home standby generators. Their most popular models are the 20kW – 22kW home standbys. Although these units are similar, there are some differences that set them apart. We know that while you are initially shopping for generators, it can be hard to look passed the price alone, so, we have decided to break down [...]

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What You Don't Know About Generators for Home Use

Generators were first designed and built to provide power to United States Military overseas in Vietnam. Then generators became available as emergency power for hospitals and large industrial facilities. Then generators transformed into portable power that you could pack in the back of your pick up and take to a tailgate party. Now, you can find a generator for [...]

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​5 Ways to take the stress out of Generator Shopping

Any person who owns a home outside of a big metropolitan area knows the struggle of losing power. It can happen during a storm, if it gets too hot, if it gets too cold or just because wiring is old. When the frustration becomes too much, many people look for backup power solutions. Although there are only a handful [...]

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​Generac Generators Simplify Winter Preparedness

Winter Preparedness can sound like a large amount of work. The truth is that this yearly task may be simplified by following some basic weather proofing safety measures and by purchasing a  Generac generator. The winter launches many unpredictable variables that can throw roadblocks in our everyday lives. These roadblocks include ice, sleet, freezing rain, strong winds, snowstorms, and brutally [...]

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