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What You Don't Know About Generators for Home Use

Generators were first designed and built to provide power to United States Military overseas in Vietnam. Then generators became available as emergency power for hospitals and large industrial facilities. Then generators transformed into portable power that you could pack in the back of your pick up and take to a tailgate party. Now, you can find a generator for [...]

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​5 Ways to take the stress out of Generator Shopping

Any person who owns a home outside of a big metropolitan area knows the struggle of losing power. It can happen during a storm, if it gets too hot, if it gets too cold or just because wiring is old. When the frustration becomes too much, many people look for backup power solutions. Although there are only a handful [...]

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​Generac Generators Simplify Winter Preparedness

Winter Preparedness can sound like a large amount of work. The truth is that this yearly task may be simplified by following some basic weather proofing safety measures and by purchasing a  Generac generator. The winter launches many unpredictable variables that can throw roadblocks in our everyday lives. These roadblocks include ice, sleet, freezing rain, strong winds, snowstorms, and brutally [...]

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