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Cummins Four New Connect Series - Air-Cooled Generators 13kW-20kW

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Cummins (CMI-NYSE), one of the “Big 4” generator manufacturers and a trustworthy brand, released a new series of generators as of February 13th: The Connect Series. These generators are air-cooled, come in a range from 13kW-20kW, and possess the strength, stability, and reliability expected from a Cummins generator.

Quick Facts:

  • Cummins manufactured 999cc engine.
  • Aluminum exterior and galvanized steel interior.
  • Flexible exercise modes - options for time, date and frequency.
  • Ability to run diagnostic without starting the engine.
  • Single Fuel – natural gas or propane (field selectable-default Natural Gas).
  • Can be installed as close as 18 inches from the house (NFPA 37 UL+CS Standards).
  • Free monitoring built into every unit ($299.00 value included).
  • IOS and Android app to Monitor and CONTROL the unit.
  • Remote start and stop function.
  • Compact Design.
  • Exceptional motor starting.
  • 65db one of the quietest on the market.
  • All units are designed to run at 0 Fahrenheit (-18C) to 122 Fahrenheit (50C) out of the box.
  • Capable of managing 4 loads with the load shed module accessory.
  • Rated Speed 3600 RPM.
  • Base warranty 5 years/2000 hours-extended warranty options are available.
  • Size: length 34.1 in (865 mm), width 36.0 in (915 mm), height 27.3 (694 mm).


Model Part Number Voltage AMP-Rated(NG/LPV) Weight


RS13A C13N6H A054E399 120/240 54.2/54.2 479/217 $2949
RS17A C17N6H A054E397 120/240 70.8/70.8 540/245 $3549
RS20A C20N6H A054E395 120/240 75/83.3 540/245 $4069
RS20AC C20N6HC A054X497 120/240 75/83.3 540/245 $4759
Transfer Switch Models Part Number Price
100AMP Non Service Entrance Rated A045P692 $339
100AMP Service Entrance Rated A045P696 $489
100 AMP Integrated A051C991 $579
200 AMP Non Service Entrance Rated A045P694 $589
200 AMP Service Entrance Rated A045P697 $679
400 AMP Non Service Entrance Rated A050W633 $1649
400 AMP Service Entrance Rated A050W853 $2639

The generators of the Connect Series are powerful standby units for home backup power. Also called the Quiet Connect generators, these models are made to run quietly (65dB at 23 feet at normal load), while still offering superior performance. In fact, they’re considered some of the quietest units on the market.

Their power is clean thanks to a low harmonic distortion; they can run even sensitive appliances and devices. They can also be installed very near the home (18 inches). When the weather gets cold in your area, these generators can withstand it; they can handle zero degrees Fahrenheit, or even lower temperatures with an extreme cold weather kit for temperature below 0 F (-18C) (see below for accessories).

The Connect Series of generators run on the Cummins-made 999cc engine. This powerful engine is a V twin, air-cooled, naturally aspirated model that helps this generator offer enough power to run a 5-ton AC unit. The generators have intelligent load management; they can handle four loads and monitor each to conserve power.

These models are also modern and efficient. All of them come with built-in remote monitoring; you can not only view your monitor’s status, but you can even run certain operations from a distance - all you need is a smart device and internet connection. They are powered by either Natural or LP gas—your choice. Generators are UL, CSA, and EPA certified, and have a self-diagnosis capability. Exercise modes help you manage the power and operation. You can specify what day and time your generator will run so that you can save power. There is also a “Crank only” mode that cranks the engine, but doesn’t fully start it, just so it can run self-diagnostics.

AP Electric and Generators is proud to offer the Cummins Connect Series of Air-Cooled Products. Prices for these models range from $2949 to $4759, and they will start shipping on March 15, 2017. For more information (sizing – technical questions) on these generators, call us today at 847-516-8882 from M-F 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time.


  • A053K028 - Additional interface and display to monitor generator performance from a second location ($272)
  • A054B984 - Extreme Cold Weather Kit for locations below 0 F (-18C) ($269)
  • A043J735 - Enclosure paint touchup kit ($25)
  • A054H068 - Preventive maintenance kit ($28)
  • A051C329 - Load Add/Load Shed Device – Allows generator to control up to 2 50AMP loads ($198)
  • A051C991 - Integrated ATS & Load Panel combines a 100AMP Non Service Entrance ATS with load panel in a NEMA 1 box ($579)
  • A052A795 - Concrete mounting pad 3” thick, 1” overhang composite pad for mounting of the generator ($282-shipping with generator)
  • A044Z051 - Externally mounted emergency stop button allows for additional safety ($107)
  • A052Y816 - Battery (A052Y816) Group 51R, 450 CCA ($135)

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