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Generac Magnum Light Towable Diesel Generators - The Right Tool for the Job

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From construction companies to paving companies who build roads, homes, office buildings and apartment complexes need something with a lot more kick. There’s also an area between these two extremes, and that’s why the new line of mobile light generators from Generac were made.

It’s never a good idea to pull more power from a generator than it can generate, which is called overloading. Not only is this dangerous for the devices connected to it, but the generator may start to overheat. Beyond being a fire risk, this causes an unnecessary strain on the internal components of the engine, which results in increased wear. Once enough wear and tear occur, the efficiency and reliability of the generator is greatly reduced. These are all reasons why you need a generator that produces more power than you use.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, wet stacking happens when a diesel generator operates with a light load. When enough power isn’t being used, all of the fuel doesn’t combust in the engine resulting in some being released in the exhaust. Fires are common from wet stacking in addition to excessive carbon build-up. At this point, it should be clear to not use a generator that’s too powerful for your job.

Considering these scenarios, you should always try to use the right generator for the job. Generac offers three new mobile light towable generators. Each comes with a DOT approved trailer and various hitch ball sizes. They also all feature Class H insulation and fully-lockable stainless-steel sound attenuated enclosures to reduce noise.

The smallest of the group, the Generac MLG8K, produces 8.1kW of power using a Kubota engine. It includes two 120V, 20 Amp GFCI duplex outlets (NEMA 5-20R type) and one 240V 30 Amp Twistlock outlets (NEMA L6-30R type).

The medium-sized unit, Generac MLG15M, makes 13kW of power with a Mitsubishi engine. Its electrical connections include two 120V, 20 Amp GFCI duplex outlets (NEMA 5-20R type), two 240V 30 Amp Twistlock outlets (NEMA L6-30R type) and two 240V 50 Amp Twistlock outlets (Non-NEMA 6369).

The largest unit, Generac MLG20IF4, uses an Isuzu engine that’s good for 19kW. It includes two 120V, 20 Amp GFCI duplex outlets (NEMA 5-20R type), two 240V, 30 Amp Twistlock outlets (NEMA L6-30R type) and two 240V 50 Amp Twistlock outlets (Non-NEMA 6369).

The new line of mobile light towable generators by Generac are built to move to job sites easily. They’re tough and reliable, and they make the perfect amount of power for smaller, professional-level jobs.

You can view or order the Generac Magnum Light Towable Diesel Generators on – 24 hours a day or call us at 847-516-8882 Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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