PSP SAK-60MS Electric Vehicle Load Shed Device

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PSP SAK-60MS Electric Vehicle Load Shed Device Features:

When adding a new EV Charger (or any load up to 60amps), to an existing Main or Sub-Panel that is at max capacity…the SAK-60MS offers a reliable and affordable solution, without having to pay thousands of dollars for a Full Panel Upgrade.

Allows loads up to 60 amps to be added to any main service panel or sub panel that is at risk of overload, or will become overloaded, when a new load is introduced. The onboard intelligent micro-controller monitors the load on the existing panel and only allows the added load access to the panel when capacity is available. Installation requires open breaker.


  • Can be installed on any main or sub panel up to 1,000 amps to add managed loads up to 60 amps continuous.
  • Adapts to any application using the precision field adjustable set points. These maximize access to the added load and prevent looping.
  • Field adjustable set points include: panel overload amperage, overload inrush cutoff delay, restore amperage threshold, load restore delay time and line-loss compensation adjustment for CTs.
  • Controller LCD displays actual real-time amperage on panel.
  • Prevents overloading and saves costly upgrades to panel and / or electrical infrastructure.
  • Controller is self-powered from line in voltage. External power supply not required. Can control 120 VAC single pole or 208-240 VAC double pole circuits.
  • Utilizes a magnetic latching relay for long-term reliability, and box-lug in and out terminals for ease of installation.
  • Split core CTs available in 100 amp, 250 amp, 500 amp and 1,000 amp ratings.
  • Comes standard in polycarbonate 3R enclosure. Available in NEMA 01, 03, 04 steel and stainless steel enclosures.
  • UL Listed – File # E515902