Kohler 10RESVL-100LC12 10kW Generator with 100A 12-circuit Transfer Switch

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Kohler 10RESVL-100LC12 10kW Generator with 100A 12-circuit Transfer Switch Features:

Kohler 10RESVL-100LC12 10kW Generator Features:

  • Kohler 10RESVL-100LC12 60-Hz generator runs on a dependable Kohler Series 7000 KT725 V-2 engine that generates a maximum 3600-RPM.
  • It is an emergency standby generator designed for residential and commercial use.
  • PowerBoost voltage regulation system ensures steady motor starting and provides a quick response to the changing load conditions.
  • Digital isochronous governor maintains the steady rate of speed at all loads. Digital voltage regulation is ±0.5% RMS with no-load or full-load.
  • The aluminum cylinder head, steel fuel solenoid valves, and aluminum alloy pistons make the engine more durable.
  • The oil tank has a storage capacity of 2-quarts/1.9 liters. The pressure oil lubrication system makes the model low maintenance.
  • Kohler 10RESVL-100LC12 has exceptional motor-starting capacity making it ideal for all types of climates. The steel enclosure and a critical silencer attenuate sound.
  • The 10kW Kohler 10RESVL is safe for modern electronics that have microcircuits. The alternator features a digital voltage regulator that protects sensitive electronics against voltage spikes.
  • The RDC2 controller controls the generator, RXT automatic transfer switch, load shed kit, and the Programmable Interface Module (PIM).
  • Use the iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ device, PC or Mac® to check diagnostic messages for the engine, generator, RXT transfer switch, programmable interface module (PIM), and load management device.
  • The steel enclosure has removable panels to allow for tool-free quick access for maintenance and service of the generator.
  • This compact generator can be installed outdoors 18” from a structure. A 4” concrete mounting pad is recommended for installation in storm-prone areas. Meets 181-mph wind rating.
  • Certifications and listings include CSA, cUL, UL 2200, and EPA.
  • It comes with a 5-year/2000 hour limited warranty. 

This Kohler 10kW 60-Hz generator comes with a 100 Amp RXT with 12-space load center and NEMA 1 steel enclosure for indoor installation. It keeps the family, home, and shop safe during a power failure. Within 10 seconds of a power outage, the air-cooled generator kicks in to continue running heating, cooling, and the security systems so you stay safe and comfortable indoors when the weather outside is bad. Run an air conditioner, security system, power tools, and other household appliances with complete peace of mind. Remote monitoring allows you to keep connected to your generator from remote locations.

Kohler 10RESVL-100LC12 10kW generator works as quietly as an air conditioner at 67dBA without disturbing your sleep. The 10kW LPG/Natural Gas generator runs efficiently on a heavy-duty, commercial-grade engine. Maximum power, torque, and consistency under all working conditions are ensured by the full pressure lubrication and overhead valve design. It has hydraulic valve lifters that eliminate the need for lengthy break-in periods and expensive valve adjustments. Users benefit from the outstanding digital voltage and frequency that does not damage their modern devices and electronics. Run it on LPG or natural gas from your kitchen line for an unlimited supply of fuel. The non-corrosive weather-resistant steel enclosure makes it the perfect choice for seaside environments and extreme climates. The model is shipped free of cost and comes with free lifetime technical support. Kohler, an award-winning company is known for its extraordinary reliability and performance.