Generac CXSW100A3 PWRcell 100A 1ph-120/240V Service Rated Nema 3R Automatic Transfer Switch

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Generac CXSW100A3 PWRcell 100A 1ph-120/240V Service Rated Nema 3R Automatic Transfer Switch Features:

Generac CXSW100A3 Nema 3R Automatic Transfer Switch Features: 

  • Generac CXSW100A3 is a 100 amp 1ph-120/240V Service Rated Nema 3R Automatic Transfer Switch that manages the whole house.
  • It reduces energy consumption and meets demand intelligently.
  • PWRcell solar plus storage systems include an ATS with features like load management for easier whole-home coverage.
  • Generac CXSW100A3 ATS allows you to manage from one to four individual HVAC loads. If you add the Smart Management Modules (SMMs) to your energy storage system, your PWRcell Inverter can control eight additional circuits.
  • The Generac 50-Amp Smart Management Module efficiently manages the energy supply to your entire home. The intelligent load management system allows you to start heavy-draw electrical equipment without worry.
  • The corrosion-proof aluminum type 3R enclosure makes this automatic transfer switch extremely durable. You can install it indoors or outdoors.
  • The Service Rated Nema 3R Automatic Transfer Switch makes operations easy for the inverter. The well-built casing protects the device from heat, dust, rain, snow and external ice formation.
  • By installing a Generac CXSW100A3 with your inverter, you get the benefit of using free battery power during emergencies. The energy switch integrates seamlessly with the use of an ATS.
  • This unit is ETL certified and UL 1008 compliant.
  • The Generac CXSW100A3 is backed by a 10-Year Limited Warranty. 

The all-new Generac CXSW100A3 100 amp service entrance rated ATS islands your entire home and manages up to 4 HVACs during a grid power failure. It works well with the smart management module that helps you manage 8 more circuits. Generac PWRcell inverters let you save money on utility bills. If you have not yet made the switch, now is the time to buy and install a PWRcell inverter package with batteries and a cabinet. 

Smart homeowners are benefiting from solar energy savings. The Generac PWRcell system stores solar energy in batteries for later use. When you use the automatic transfer switch with your inverter, your entire home will continue to get power during a blackout. There is no need to get up in the middle of the night to turn the inverter on. The ATS detects the power outage and commands the inverter to start supplying power to your HVAC, refrigerators, security system, and so forth. The inverter kicks in within seconds of the outage. 

Modern inverters store, import, and export energy and manage varying loads using ATS with load management systems or modules. ATS devices that come with load management features make your inverter more durable by protecting it and help with whole-house coverage. This brings many concrete benefits including convenience, comfort, safety and ease of use. 

The Generac CXSW100A3 is used with PWRcell inverters.   This Generac automatic transfer switch is shipped free of cost. Our easy payment plan allows you to purchase the ATS within your planned budget. All Generac PWRcell products are engineered and built in the USA using domestic and foreign parts. Generac is the #1 selling home standby generator brand. The Customer Support Team is standing by day and night, every day of the year at our headquarters in Wisconsin to answer your queries.