Generac APKE00028 PWRcell Outdoor Rated Battery Cabinet

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Generac APKE00028 PWRcell Outdoor Rated Battery Cabinet Features:

Generac APKE00028 PWRcell Battery Cabinet Features: 

  • Generac APKE00028 is an outdoor-rated battery cabinet that is used for stacking lithium-ion battery module series 3.0 kWh DCB manufactured by Generac.
  • The PWRcell battery cabinet allows maximum flexibility, allowing you to add or remove battery modules to suit your application requirements.
  • For effective stacking, if you have 3 or 5 batteries in the cabinet you will need to use the Module Spacer.
  • This cabinet can be installed at a maximum altitude of 9834 ft.
  • Each cabinet can store 18kWh (3.0 kWh x 6). By selecting two battery cabinets, you can store twice the power (36kWh) for your PWRcell inverter.
  • Stacking lithium-ion battery modules allows you to save ample energy for later use. This unit is suitable for residential or commercial use.
  • Plug-and-play operations with PWRcell Inverter and PV Link™: PV Link™ is the photovoltaic optimizer and is connected to the Generac PWRcell™ inverter for the safe and easy transfer of solar-generated power.
  • With this battery cabinet, you can build your own PWRcell model.
  • The corrosion-proof aluminum type 3R enclosure makes this battery cabinet very durable. You can install it indoors or outdoors. For outdoor installation, additional hardware is required.
  • A PWRcell Battery Upgrade Kit (APKE00009) is offered by Generac to replace lost or misplaced hardware.
  • The Generac APKE00028 is zero-export and Time-of-use (TOU) ready.
  • This cabinet model is ETL and cETL listed, and it is UL 9540, UL 1973, UL 1642 and CSA 22.2 #107.1 compliant.
  • This Generac cabinet is backed by a 10-Year Limited Warranty. 

This Generac APKE00028 PWRcell Battery Cabinet offers you maximum flexibility in meeting your home or business power needs. You can use 2 3.0 kWh DCB batteries to get 6kWh of power or have a ‘full house’ of 6 to get 18kWh. It can be used for a small or larger home or in a commercial setting. Use it to store backup power for any type of power interruption. PWRcell solar plus storage systems can significantly reduce utility power bills. Homeowners are able to set their daily hours of use in order to pay less for power from the grid. 

The Generac APKE00028 is an Outdoor Rated (OR) Type 3R Battery Cabinet and can also be installed indoors. For smart and efficient energy management, PWRcell is the market leader in both capacity and flexibility. The cabinet is also PV Link ready and, with its help, it collects solar power in the batteries. This helps with whole-house coverage. The Generac APKE00028 combines many practical benefits for users including convenience, comfort, power cost savings, flexibility, and ease of operation. 

The Generac APKE00028 is used in conjunction with PWRcell inverters.   This Generac battery cabinet is shipped free of cost. Our easy payment plan allows you to purchase the unit within your planned budget. All Generac PWRcell products are engineered and built in the USA using domestic and foreign parts. Generac is the #1 selling home standby generator brand. Our Customer Support Team is standing by day and night, every day of the year at our headquarters in Wisconsin to answer your queries.