Generac 8004 PWRcell 3.0 kWh DCB Battery Module

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Generac 8004 PWRcell 3.0 kWh DCB Battery Module Features:

Generac 8004 PWRcell 3.0 kWh DCB Battery Module Features: 

  • The Generac 8004 is a solar energy storage battery module. The nominal voltage is 46.8 VDC. It has a usable capacity of 3.00 kW per hour.
  • PWRcell solar plus storage systems use the Generac 8004 for whole-house coverage.
  • This 3.0 kWh battery module can be stacked in the battery cabinet to get from 6kWh to 18kWh power. Use 2 cabinets to get 36kWh of power to meet your needs.
  • The battery is Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC). It offers a clean and efficient way of storing solar energy. It can also be charged with grid power.
  • The Generac 8004 is used with the PWRCell Inverter Solar Storage system. The inverter supplies the power that is stored in the battery to household appliances in the event of a grid power failure.
  • This battery module performs well in temperatures between 41 and 104F (5 to 40 C). You can store it at 68 F (20 C).
  • Using the Generac 8004 allows you excellent flexibility since you can add or remove battery modules to meet your specific requirements. This makes for a scalable, modular system that is cost effective.
  • Generac 8004 3.0 kWh battery module is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is designed for long-term durability.
  • This PWRcell 3.0 kWh DCB Battery Module is ETL and cETL certified.
  • The Generac 8004 is backed by a 10-Year Limited Warranty. 

The all-new Generac 8004 offers the highest possible performance you can expect from a battery. This PWRcell 3.0 kWh DCB Battery Module facilitates storing solar energy for later use, emergency or otherwise. Choose the right number of battery modules in a stack to meet your exact energy needs. 

Generac 8004 can be used in systems installed at home and in commercial businesses. When you begin to save solar energy, you save on costs. With a fuel generator, there is always refueling required. With batteries, the free solar energy is stored, and you can also charge the battery module using the electric power from the grid if you choose.

This state-of-the-art PWRcell 3.0 kWh battery will efficiently import, store and export energy for your PWRcell inverter. 

This battery module is shipped free of cost. Our easy payment plan allows you to purchase what you need within your chosen budget. All Generac PWRcell products are engineered and built in the USA using domestic and foreign parts. Generac is the #1 selling home standby generator brand. Our Customer Support Team works day and night, every day of the year at our headquarters in Wisconsin and are ready to answer any questions you may have.