Firman W03083 3000W Remote Start Portable Inverter Generator

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Firman W03083 3000W Remote Start Portable Inverter Generator Features:

FIRMAN W03083 3000W Portable Generator Features:

  • The FIRMAN W03083 is an inverter portable generator specially designed for camping and tailgating. Its high-efficiency power unit is a 3600 RPM (maximum operating speed) FIRMAN 171cc OHV engine with a cast iron protective sleeve.
  • Paralleling this generator will allow doubling or even tripling the power output. Get 6kW or 9 kW power by attaching your unit to other FIRMAN inverters. 
  • This 120v 60 Hz inverter generator produces 3300 Starting Watts and 3000 Running Watts. Completely RV-ready, this generator runs at a quiet 58 dB.
  • The steel fuel tank stores 1.8 gallons of unleaded fuel. The full tank runtime at 25% load is 9 hours. This model can be operated in Fuel Efficient Economy Mode to save fuel.
  • The WO3083 has a splash oil lubrication system to extend maintenance intervals. When the detected oil level is low, the engine protects itself by automatically shutting down. Recommended oil is automotive 10W-30.
  • USDA Forest Service Certified Spark Arrestor makes this generator safe for use in forested areas.
  • The TT-30R receptacle allows you to use it with the RV.
  • A circuit breaker protects all receptacles from overheating.
  • The FIRMAN W03083 is designed for use with sensitive electronics. It incorporates a digital automatic voltage regulator that provides clean power without voltage fluctuations for your electronic devices.
  • With its 5.0″ yellow plastic flat-free tires and a U-shaped folding handle, the FIRMAN W03083 is easy to transport, reposition and store. 
  • The engine on/off switch is located on the compact Control Panel, together with the Economy Control Switch, Phoenix Fat Head Block, receptacles, parallel operation outlets, and overload and low oil indicator lights.
  • Outlets include: (2) 5-20R 20A-120V, (1) DC Outlet 12V8.3A, (1) TT-30R 30A-120V, (1) USB 5VDV.
  • The WO3083’s certifications include EPA, CARB, and CETL.
  • This unit is shipped with everything needed for easy setup: free spark plug wrench, free screwdriver, free oil, free oil funnel, a 12V battery cable and more.
  • The FIRMAN W03083 carries a 3-year limited residential warranty and a 90-day commercial warranty.  

The FIRMAN W03083 is a 3000W inverter gas generator. It includes a remote start system that allows you to turn it on and off from up to 55 yards away. Connect two FIRMAN inverter generators for parallel operation when you need more power. The plug-and-go design makes paralleling a breeze. Inverter generators have a good sine wave and work at less than 3% THD, which is ideal for modern devices with sensitive microchips such as cell phones, digital cameras, tablets and laptops.  

The W03083 is a compact and lightweight RV-ready generator that you can literally take with you anywhere. RV camping is much more fun when you have reliable portable power. On camping trips, you will not have to worry about refueling as this 3000W inverter gas generator runs for long hours with its large fuel tank. With its spark arrestor, it is safe for use in forested areas even in drier weather. It easily meets National Park Service campground sound level requirements. Camp out with comfort and style at the National Parks or in the mountain woods with this versatile and dependable generator by your side.  

The FIRMAN W03083 is attractively priced in relation to its high performance. It is fuel-efficient and runs quietly, which makes it a number one choice for modern campers looking for reliable portable power. Run it in economy mode when you want to save on fuel. Use it for picnics, backyard parties, outdoor events, tailgate parties, and powering up all essentials at campsites.