Firman P03606 3650W Portable Generator with 120/240V Voltage Selector

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Firman P03606 3650W Portable Generator with 120/240V Voltage Selector Features:

FIRMAN P03606 3650W Portable Generator Features:

  • The FIRMAN P03606 is a portable gasoline generator with a reliable FIRMAN 208cc OHV engine protected in a cast iron sleeve. It is specifically designed for RV use, work and emergency applications. 
  • This 120/240V 60 Hz portable generator produces 4550 Starting Watts and 3650 Running Watts. 
  • The P03606 runs quietly through its Whisper Series muffler at just 67dB, well below the sound level standards set by the National Park Service.
  • This Performance Series open frame generator has a splash oil lubrication system. The engine protects itself by shutting down in the event of a low oil level. Recommended oil is 10W-30 automotive.
  • This model delivers true 30A 120V/240V power.
  • The all steel fuel tank holds 8 gallons of unleaded gasoline. On a full tank, the runtime at 50% load is 14 hours. The fuel gauge on the tank cap allows easy checking of the fuel level.
  • On the Control Panel are the 4 outlets, the voltage selector, the engine on/off switch and the Phoenix Fat Head Block.
  • The Power Stream Alternator incorporates an automatic voltage regulator to prevent voltage surges and protect all your work tools and appliances.
  • The unit has 4 covered outlets: (2) 5-20R 20A-120V, (1) L14-30R 30A-120V/240V Twistlock, (1) TT-30R 30A-120V RV-Ready.
  • The FIRMAN P03606 3650W portable generator is EPA certified.
  • For your convenience the unit is shipped with free assembly tools, free engine oil, and a free funnel.
  • This generator carries a 3-year limited residential warranty and a 90-day commercial warranty.  

FIRMAN P03606 is a portable heavy-duty gas generator. It is ideal for use as an emergency source of power. You can use it for construction work, at the farms, or in the RV. Storms and hurricanes cause blackout that can disrupt life. With a FIRMAN P03606, you will never be in the dark. You can use the 30A 120/240V (L14-30) outlet to connect it to a transfer switch. It is ideal for emergency backup power for appliances around the house. This 120/240V model will run your TV, freezer, fridge, air conditioner, sump pump, kitchen appliances, fans, and lights for 14 hours without refueling. It will keep your family safe indoors when the weather outside is bad. 

FIRMAN P03606 comes with a TT-30 RV Receptacle so it can be used for RV camping as well. On your next RV camping trip, it will power the RV air-conditioner, TV, music player, microwave, coffee maker, lights, and fans. The alternator of this model is equipped with an AVR that protects against voltage surges. You can have peace of mind knowing all your electronics and devices will not get damaged by voltage spikes. At the construction site, you can run all your small tools and equipment. It will also run a small air conditioner. 

FIRMAN P03606 will help you keep the store open during a blackout. All customers prefer a powered environment and with a generator, you can continue to serve customers as usual. Affordable cost, robust construction, automatic voltage regulation, safety features such as low oil shut down, spark arrestor, and outlet covers make it a number 1 choice for those looking for reliable and affordable portable power. FIRMAN generators are built to last and are backed by a nationwide dealer network and a 24/7 call center.