Firman H08051 8000W Electric Start Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Wheel Kit

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Firman H08051 8000W Electric Start Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Wheel Kit Features:

FIRMAN H08051 Portable Generator Features:

  • FIRMAN H08051 is a portable generator designed for heavy outdoor duty. It runs on a reliable 439cc OHV FIRMAN engine with a max 3600 RPM.
  • This 120/240v 60 Hz CAT generator produces 10000 Starting Watts and 8000 Running Watts on gas and on LPG it generates 9050 Starting Watts and 7250 Running Watts. 
  • The run time at 50% load is 12 hours. It runs quietly at 74dB without disturbing your sleep.
  • The 8kW dual fuel generator has a splash oil lubrication system. Recommended oil is 10W-30. When the oil level is low the engine protects itself by shutting down.
  • Use the pull start system or the electric start system to start the engine.
  • The extra-large steel fuel tank stores 8 gallons of gasoline and has an easy to read fuel gauge.
  • It has a smart alternator with an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) that protects all tools and appliances against voltage spikes.
  • This generator features the low maintenance self-charging battery with a long life, which charges while idling.
  • The FIRMAN OHV engine is housed in a heavy-duty roll cage for maximum protection.
  • You can use the control panel to check volts, hertz, and running hours.
  • The generator is easy to move around with its U-shaped ergonomically designed padded handle and black plastic never go flat tires.
  • There are 5 receptacles: (2) 5-20R DUPLEX 20A-120VAC, (1) 14-50R 50A-120/240VAC, (1) L14-30R Twistlock 30A-120/240VAC, and (1) L5-30R Twistlock 30A-120VAC.
  • The model is easy to set up. You will find everything in the box including the owner’s manual, oil, funnel, and a tool kit. Switch between the two fuels with the flip of a button.
  • The GFCI outlets have plastic covers for protection against dust, debris, and moisture.
  • Compact design and foldable handles allow for easy storage. This model takes up less space.
  • Certifications include EPA, CARB, and NOM.
  • Residential warranty is for 3 years while commercial warranty lasts 90 days. 
  • All FIRMAN products are backed by a nationwide dealer network and multi-language call center. 

FIRMAN H08051 is a powerful dual fuel portable specially designed for versatile uses. It is best used for emergency power, job sites, farms, food trucks, and buses. When storms cause power failures you will not be left in the dark. This model will power the lights, microwaves, refrigerators, air conditioner, fans, and TVs so you can continue with your day as usual. The power it produces is clean and reliable. The Automatic Voltage Regulator provides excellent voltage regulation to protect your appliances. 

FIRMAN H08051 is uncomplicated to use and maintain. Simple controls allow you to start and stop it easily. On camping trips take it along to run the lights, fans, coffee pots, cookers and mosquito repellents. You can use it at the construction site to power tools. It will keep the air conditioner running at home so the family stays relaxed indoors during a blackout. It is a perfect fit for the ranch, construction work, job sites, emergencies, and special events as it delivers true 30A & 50A power. If you are working from home it will ensure that a power failure will not prevent you from working. 

FIRMAN 0HV engine of the Max-Pro Series have a longer life, higher performance and require lower maintenance. This Hybrid Series model outperforms others in its class. Its low cost, compact design, and safety features such as automatic low-oil level shutdown, automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and covered outlets make it the better option for those looking for reliable yet affordable portable power. FIRMAN generators are manufactured to the highest standards. These powerful generators are built to last.