Firman H05751 5700W Electric Start Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Wheel Kit

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Firman H05751 5700W Electric Start Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Wheel Kit Features:

FIRMAN H05751 5700W Portable Generator Features:

  • FIRMAN H05751 is powered by a 439cc 4-stroke engine and is one of the most reliable portable models on the market. The engine is protected by a cast iron sleeve. The Phoenix Fat Head Block ensures that the OHV engine runs smoothly for long hours.
  • Starting Watts are 7100 and Running Watts 5700 with this 120/240v 60 Hz model. Operable with gasoline or LP gas. At 50% load it runs efficiently for as long as 14 hours.
  • The best feature of this generator is its large fuel tank, which is rated as largest in its class. It stores 8 gallons of fuel for extended use. The fuel level can be checked at the fuel gauge on cap.
  • This neighborhood friendly model runs at 74 dBA and is California emissions certified. 
  • What makes this generator more dependable than others in its class is its Volt Lock automatic voltage regulator. It ensures you get clean, uniform power to all your tools and appliances.
  • The Control Panel features 4 receptacles, the engine on/off switch, Phoenix Fat Head Block, and the fuel selector. There is also a 3-1 Data minder that provides a ready check on voltage, hertz, and runtime.
  • Receptacles include: (2) 5-20R DUPLEX 20A-120VAC, (1) L14-30R Twistlock 30A-120/240VAC, and (1) L5-30R Twistlock 30A-120VAC.
  • This portable generator includes an engine oil funnel, a tool kit with sparkpulg wrench – 2xOpen Wrench 10×12.
  • FIRMAN H05751 Portable Generator is very easy to transport or reposition with its 10.0″ flat-free tires and the U-shaped foldable handle.
  • Covered GFCI outlets ensure that moisture, debris, and dust are kept out.
  • Th-s portable generator includes all you need to for set-up, including a 5.5 ft. propane hose.
  • FIRMAN H05751 isEPA and CARB certified.
  • All FIRMAN products are supported by a nationwide dealer network and a Call Center.
  • This unit carries a 3-year residential and a 90-day commercial warranty. 

FIRMAN 5700W portable generator can be used in many ways. You can take it along on your camping trips or use it to power backyard parties or work with tools at construction sites. This dual fuel model will keep the family and the house safe during a power outage. It will keep the home appliances running when grid power fails. You can use it to power up the computer, water pump, refrigerator, coffee pot and other kitchen appliances. FIRMAN 5700W portable generator keeps the family safe and secure indoors when the weather outside is bad. 

To keep the engine running cool for long hours the generator features the Phoenix Fat Head Block made by FIRMAN. When it is time for a camping trip this model will serve as a useful partner. Use it to power a small refrigerator, lights, fans, insect repellents, cookers, coffee pots and more. It meets the National Park Service campground requirements. 

Construction work requires electricity to power the equipment and machinery used at the construction site. FIRMAN 5700W portable dual fuel generator is ideal for any construction site as it will run efficiently all day. It produces ample power to run the drills, saws, drop lights, light poles and more. 

With its low cost, professional grade performance, large fuel tank, and after sale support, this portable model is the best choice for portable power needs. FIRMAN products are built to last longer. The dedicated call center staff works day and night 24/7 to answer your queries.