Firman B104201 Zero E Expansion Battery

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Firman B104201 Zero E Expansion Battery Features:

The FIRMAN Zero-E Battery expansion pack with Slide-Lock technology provides an additional 1040-watt hours of power to the FIRMAN Zero-E Energy Storage System. Connecting the Zero-E battery is as simple as connecting a battery to a cordless drill. Just slide the Zero-E Battery into place until it locks. To remove the battery, press the release and slide away! Add even more capacity by connecting another battery to the bottom of the Zero-E Battery. You can connect up to 10 batteries to one Zero-E Storage System! The Zero-E Battery features a charging port which allows it to be charged independently from the Zero-E Energy Storage System. When connected to a Zero-E Energy Storage System it can be charged as one single unit as well. An onboard 100-watt USB-C port provides power for laptops, tablets, phones, drones, and anything else that can be charged using USB-C. Safe, reliable Lithium Iron Phosphate technology ensures long life with over 4000 charging cycles.

Firman B104201 Expansion Battery Features:

  • 1040 Watt Hours
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology
  • Slide-Lock Battery Connectivity
  • Hot-Swappable
  • Outlets: (1) 100W USB-C