Cummins RS17AE 17kW Quiet Connect Extreme Weather Generator

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Fuel Type:
Propane/Natural Gas
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Cummins RS17AE 17kW Quiet Connect Extreme Weather Generator Features:

Cummins RS17AE 17kW Generator Features:

  • Cummins RS17AE is powered by a strong QSJ999G V-Twin 999cc air-cooled engine specifically designed for extreme climates. The heavy-duty engine has a maximum speed of 3600 RPM.
  • The brush alternator is designed to give a fast response to load changes. It is equipped with an automatic voltage regulator so the power produced is of premium quality.
  • The engine uses synthetic oil which prevents friction between moving parts. The low oil shutdown feature protects the engine and gives it a long life.
  • RS17AE generator runs as quietly as an air-conditioner at 65dBA making it a neighborhood friendly option.
  • The backlit display allows you to check the status of the unit and system settings.
  • The 100AMP circuit breaker prevents short circuits. It trips in the event of an overload and can be reset.
  • It is designed for high performance in cold weather conditions. It can start easily when the barometer falls to -40°.
  • Remote monitoring allows you to keep in touch with your generator while on the go. Check its status on your Smartphone or tablet using the Cloud Connect App from anywhere you like.
  • Vital components of Cummins RS17AE are designed in a way to ensure quick service and preventive maintenance.
  • The corrosion-proof enclosure has an aluminum exterior and galvanized steel interior. It can withstand winds of 180MPH. The housing looks attractive and has a long life.
  • It is tested and certified per the latest EPA, UL, and CSA standards.
  • This 17kW Cummins model is backed by a 5 year / 2,000-hour limited warranty.
  • Buyers get free shipping and free technical support for life. 

Cummins RS17AE is the latest addition to the Cummins Quiet Connect Series Generators. Storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires damage the power line. As a result power to millions of homes is lost. Cummins RS17AE will power your air conditioner and all home appliances when grid power fails. You can add as many as 4 loads to this model as it comes with an Intelligent Load Management System that constantly monitors the individual load requirements. 

With higher power and torque, enhanced fuel efficiency and lower operating costs this model is just right for your home or shop or office use.  Cummins RS17AE keeps the family and workplace safe by keeping the security systems running. This air-cooled model is affordable and you can continue to keep the food and beverages chilled in the event of a power failure. The family can stay comfortable indoors watching TV while the weather outside is bad. 

If you get an automatic transfer switch for this 60Hz model, it will start automatically when grid power fails. This will eliminate the hassle of turning the unit on and off manually. Cummins is a preferred choice for home and small businesses due to its low cost, advanced capabilities, and safety features. All Cummins Quiet Connect Series Generators are designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA.