Cummins RS13A 13kW Quiet Connect Generator

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Cummins RS13A 13kW Quiet Connect Generator Features:

The Cummins RS13A 13kw Quiet Connect Series Generator is a prime choice for backup power to your home’s main circuits. Recognized for its very quiet operation, the RS13A GSBA offers automatic load management and effectively operates to save power. It contains a powerful engine that, despite its power, does not affect its ability to run quietly. It can start and power a 5-ton AC unit with ease.

This model can run on natural or LP gas, depending upon what you order. It is also EPA and CARB emissions certified. These help make it an energy efficient model, as does its flexible exercise modes. You can set these exercise modes for almost any specific time so that your unit only runs when you need it. It also has a “Crank only” mode during which your unit cranks the engine just to run diagnostics, but does not start the full unit.

Additionally, the Cummins RS13A 13kw is cold weather equipped and can withstand extremely low temperatures. It’s designed to run even in zero degree temperatures, and lower with the help of some accessories. You have the option for a “maintenance and service required” in-home display. Thanks to an easy installation, you don’t need a concrete pad for this unit and you can install it just 18 inches from your home. Overall, this unit promotes lower fuel expenses, less wear over time, and less sound, making ideal for any homeowner.

CUMMINS RS13A Features:

  • The CUMMINS RS13A is run by engine model number QSJ999G. It is a naturally aspirated, V twin air-cooled engine. With the help of this engine, the generator’s powerful motor can start and power a 5-ton A/C unit under full pre-load.
  • Rate for 54.2 NG / 54.2 LPV amps.
  • This model is noted for its incredibly quiet operation.
  • The RS13A has been tested and certified for UL, CSA, and EPA standards. It is a single fuel model, supported by natural gas or propane vapor, with 12-inch fuel lines. It also has the ability to self-diagnose.
  • This model offers less than 5% total harmonic distortion, making for cleaner, safer power.
  • This model also has remote monitoring via the internet. You can get e-mail notifications when your unit needs checking or maintenance. You can also change modes and fully operate the generator remotely.
  • Residential standby generators must be durable and the CUMMINS RS13A is specifically made to withstand the cold weather. It can operate in 0 °F and additional accessories can be purchased to utilize the generator in even colder temperatures.
  • It comes with a 5-Year or 2,000 Hour Limited Warranty.
  • The RS13A permits exercise modes; operations can be set a specific dates and times to suit your schedule. A “Crank only” mode lets the generator run diagnostics only by cranking the engine without starting it.
  • Intelligent Load Management allows the generator to control 4 loads and constantly monitor the power necessary to operate each load individually. It can then conserve power by only restoring loads that the generator is able to run.
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    Great Buy

    Posted by Don Whetley on Feb 13, 2018

    I didn't want something huge and noisy so this is perfect for me. It takes the worry away when I'm out of town on business. The remote monitoring feature comes in handy too.

  • 5
    Very pleased

    Posted by Mark Preston on Feb 13, 2018

    This Quiet Connect generator is perfect for all my needs. Quiet and classy. It's comforting to know I have this as a backup when the power goes out. It's easy to use and runs off natural gas which is convenient.