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APElectric Offering Kohler Solar Powered Portable Generators

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As consumers become more aware of the fragile state of the world’s ecosystem, more of them are turning toward eco-friendly products that are manufactured to limit their affects on global warming.

We at APElectric understand this concern. That is why we are now offering Kohler enCUBE 1.8 portable generators.

What’s different about this generator is that it is not powered by a gasoline engine. Instead, it relies on solar panels to energize a battery to create power. So not only is it eco-friendly, it saves money on fuel bills and service, does not create fumes and operates quitter than a common gasoline-fueled portable generator.

Intelligently packaged, the unit measures 11-inches by 14-inches by 22-inches, weighs 104-pounds and includes a hefty built-in 100AH absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery, telescopic handle and wheels so that it can be moved easily from one location to another. The unit also includes high-amp battery terminals to jump-start a car or permit the addition of more batteries to boost backup time.

Designed to be used as backup power for your house, on camping trips, or for construction work on-site, it has a maximum startup wattage capacity of 3600 watts so it can start any induction electric motor and will have no trouble running a large refrigerator.

Its secondary peak power output is rated at 1800-watts for 10-minutes, ideal for running high current appliances together for short periods of time. It will also generate enough extra power to start a refrigerator compressor and run it for some time even if the unit is close to its maximum constant power. Its maximum constant power output is 1400-watts.

In addition, the unit’s panel includes two 120-volt household power outlets, two 5-Volt USB outlets and two 12-volt outlets. An LCD screen displays data about the generator including input, output, run time, battery status, and charging watts. That is essential when you want to know how long it will take for the battery to charge.

The generator can operate a side-by-side refrigerator for 14-hours, LED light bulb for 53-hours, 50-inch LED television for 8.5-hours, a chest freezer for 19-hours, a microwave for 1-hour, a laptop computer for 60-hours and assures that a coffeemaker can make 40-, 8-ounce cups of coffee.

Besides offering the Kohler enCUBE 1.8 portable generator, APElectric’s inventory also includes Generac and Westinghouse generators that will keep you powered up no matter what the conditions.