ASCO 300 Series 400A 1ph 2 Pole Service Rated Open Transition Automatic Transfer Switch

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ASCO 300 Series 400A 1ph 2 Pole Service Rated Open Transition Automatic Transfer Switch Features:

The ASCO SERIES 300 Group G Power Transfer Switch makes backup power possible. They enhance power availability by transferring electrical loads to alternate sources of power. From simple backup solutions to mission-critical facilities, transfer switches connect backup power to enhance safety and sustain operations.

ASCO J03AUSA20400 SERIES 300 Features:

  • Automatic models switch loads to emergency power and back again whenever outages occur, without human intervention.
  • Reliably transfer loads between two or more power sources
  • Service and maintain equipment without disrupting power to loads
  • Reduce equipment space requirements
  • Transfers loads without impacting downstream equipment
  • Add capability for a “backup-to-the-backup”
  • Available in a range of UL-rated types, rugged enclosures protect equipment and ensure promote reliability for a variety of indoor and outdoor environments
  • Electrically operated and mechanically held, solenoid-powered operating mechanisms reliably transfer load quickly for even the most demanding applications
  • Electronic controller stores operating criteria, senses electrical conditions, executes transfer sequences, and tracks operational data
  • From simple indicators to remote annunciators, from real-time monitoring and control to interfacing building automation systems, communication features increase usability and system reliability
Accessories   Description
1UP Provides internal ride-through power for the controller to ensure consistent communication while awaiting generator start up
18RX Provides dry contact outputs to signal the acceptability of each source
11BE Bundle provides RS-485 Serial Modbus Comms, Advanced Engineer Exerciser Scheduler, 300 Entry Historical Event Log, Alarm Output
72EE Provides Ethernet communication module that allows for remote monitoring via a built webpage, Modbus TCP, SNMP, or email alerts
44G Provides internally powered strip heater to prevent condensation 208V - 399V
125A Request at bid - Seismic Rating
135L Request at bid - 5210 Power Meter added to load side of switch which displays current, power, energy, and THD