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Generac 7034 15kW EcoGen Generator for Off Grid Applications

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Generac 7034 Features:

  • The Generac 7034 has G-FlexTM Variable Speed Technology. Unlike other models that run at a constant speed, this model’s technology allows the engine speed to change according to the specific electrical power needs, making it a more efficient energy solution.
  • Maximum 15000 NG Watts.
  • It can be operated with Natural or LP Gas, and has a Flexible Fuel Line Connector.
  • It operates at 63 Decibels, and has a Sound-Attenuated Enclosure, making it a quiet backup electricity solution.
  • This model features Generac’s Evolution™ Controller. This LCD display monitors the battery and maintenance schedules, and operates with multiple language options. It also has System Status and Maintenance Interval LED Indicators, and an Electronic Governor.
  • Residential standby generators must be durable, and the Aluminum Enclosure resists corrosion, and help this model survive the elements. This model also has a Direct-to-Dirt composite pad for placement ease. It can be placed within 18 inches of a building.
  • The Generac 7034 comes with a 3-Year, 2000-hour Limited Warranty.
  • Generac takes pride in customer service, and offers 24/7, year-round customer support.
  • Generac generators and their engines are constructed in the USA.

* This model does not include an Automatic Transfer Switch.

The Generac 7034 15kW Air-Cooled, EcoGen, Variable Speed, Synergy Generator is an efficient unit that keeps you going during an outage. This particular generator is intended to be alternative energy and storage compatible. It has special G-FlexTM Variable Speed Technology, and may use Natural or LP Gas as fuel. The Generac 7034 is an excellent, sustainable backup option for the conservative owner interested in renewable energy applications.

The Generac 7034’s G-FlexTM Variable Speed Technology allows the unit’s speed to change in order to suit specific power needs, as opposed to running at a constant speed, which uses more unnecessary energy. It also runs on either Natural or LP Gas, and contains a Flexible Fuel Line Connector. The model as a whole is 48 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 29 inches high, with a weight of 526 pounds. It offers a maximum 15000 NG watts.

Even though this unit does not come with an Automatic Transfer Switch, it provides safe, reliable power. With a Sound-Attenuated Enclosure and only 63 Decibels, this generator supplies electricity quietly enough for any home and neighborhood. The house’s essentials can stay on as long as you need with this backup unit.

The Generac 7034 15kW Air-Cooled, EcoGen, Variable Speed, Synergy Generator is both efficient and modern. A Generac Evolution™ Controller makes it easy for you to see your unit’s power levels, maintenance schedules, and in several language options. It also comes with System Status and Maintenance Interval LED Indicators to clearly indicate when the generator needs servicing, as well as an Electronic Governor.

While technology makes it easy for you to use the Generac 7034, an Aluminum Enclosure protects the generator from corrosion, wear and tear, and other similar issues such as the weather. This particular unit also comes with a Direct-to-Dirt composite pad to make situating the model easy. It can be situated close to the house—within 18 inches—and directly on the ground, making selecting the perfect spot much easier for you.

Generac builds with pride; all generators and engines are built in the U.S. utilizing both domestic and foreign parts. They also take customer support seriously. They are available year-round at all hours of the day. The 7034 comes with a 3-Year, 2000-hour Limited Warranty. This model’s energy efficiency, strong and reliable power, durable construction, along with Generac’s customer service availability make it a superior, lasting option for your home’s backup electricity.


7034 Specifications Sheet 7034 Brochure
7034 Specifications Sheet 7034 Specifications Sheet
7034 Specifications Sheet 7034 Owner's Manual
7034 Installation Manual
7034 Warranty 7034 Warranty
7034 PERC Guidlines 7034 PERC Guidlines

PERC Program Enrollment Form CLICK HERE. (Program is currently at funding capacity. Please check back for updates.)


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  1. Off Grid

    5 star rating Product Review Rating: 5/5

    Posted by on Jan 23, 2018

    Great customer support in working through my off grid application and what the generator can and cannot do. With out the technical support I received from AP Electric I can honestly say I would have screwed it up. No high pressure sales tactics just honest knowledgeable advise. Thank you!

  2. Great for Off Grid Application

    5 star rating Product Review Rating: 5/5

    Posted by on Aug 16, 2017

    Works perfectly for my off grid application. AP electric helped a lot in recommending the best model for my particular need. shipped fast and arrived undamagd. Very pleased with my purchase from this website

  3. Perfect Transaction

    5 star rating Product Review Rating: 5/5

    Posted by on Nov 04, 2016

    From customer support, to fast shipping, to best price. I am happy with my purchase of my Generac 7034 15kW EcoGen Generator. No complaints whatsoever.

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