Generac 7163 15kW EcoGen Generator with Wi-Fi (for Off Grid Applications)

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Generac 7163 15kW EcoGen Generator with Wi-Fi (for Off Grid Applications) Features:

Generac 7163 15kw Ecogen Features: 

  • Generac 7163 15kw Ecogen runs on a Generac 1000cc G-Force engine that has 2-cylinders. The cylinder block is made of aluminum and has a cast iron sleeve. The oil tank can store up to 3.75-quarts of oil. The air-cooled gas engine can run on various speeds using the G-Flex variable speed technology.
  • Generac 7163 is a 60Hz air-cooled model with a lot of protection systems. To protect itself, it shuts down when it senses low oil pressure, high temperature, over crank, over or under speed, controller fault, wiring error, over or under voltage and and more.
  • The control panel alerts the operator using an alarm when there is a faulty condition so it can be remedied.
  • The engine has a dual fuel carburetion system and runs on liquid propane vapor or pipeline natural gas. The fuel system is configured during installation.
  • It is EPA and CARB-Compliant but not for sale in California.
  • It is installed outdoors at a high level and requires air flow in and out of the generator.
  • It is ideal for the cold climates as it features the Cold Smart Start.
  • The Interface Menu is displayed on the LCD panel. This is where you can go to the home page or other subpages of the Main Menu to check history or status or edit or debug. Firmware can be updated using a USB port which is not meant for consumer electronics.
  • It is ideal for residential use and can power up sump pumps, refrigerators, air conditioners, furnaces, computers, monitors, TVs, lights, microwaves and so forth.
  • Generac 7163 15kW interacts with off-grid renewable energy applications. It ties into an inverter and battery storage system to supplement the alternative energy source. The built-in VFT meter displays volts, frequency, and lifetime hours.
  • The unit is backed by a 3-Year, 2000-hour Limited Warranty.

Generac 7163 15kW Ecogen is the first of its kind to supplement alternative energy sources. Software programs the unit to tie itself to other sources and fill the energy gap whenever required. The unit runs quietly and smoothly. The 15kW 7163 produces clean energy and has low emissions. 

It has an oil circulation system that keeps it running efficiently without any need for maintenance. Usually, all generators need maintenance every 100 hours but with the 7163 you can wait till 500 hours to perform maintenance tasks. This extended run capability makes this model a very preferable choice with homeowners and those that live off the grid. RhinoCoat™ powder-coated finish makes corrosion-free aluminum ideal for all weather conditions. It can be installed only 18” from the building.

This model produces the same quality as the utility power. With less than 2% Total Harmonic Distortion, you can use it for almost all sensitive daily used electronics with microchips. This includes modern HVACs, laptops, cell phones, and tablets. 

When load conditions change the model gives a fast response and is able to adjust to the change efficiently. Generac 7163 15kw EcoGen is the only automatic standby generator designed and warranted for off-grid use with an alternative energy system. It is purposely built for renewable energy applications.

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    18 years of Faithful Service

    Posted by Reverend Terry M. Sharpe on Feb 23, 2021

    We wired our Generac 15K LP into our new home in 2003, It never failed to perform in all these years, we are now looking to purchase another one.

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    Best For OFF Grid!

    Posted by 6200 Ft Above sea level on May 19, 2020

    This is the second 15 KW Echo Gen I have purchased. Yes I am off grid. + 5000 Ft house. 15 KW of solar. I like my first Echo Gen so much (about 2000 hours and 4 years old now) I decided to replace my Kohler 14 KW RES that was a backup that kept having the controllers fail @ 550 Hous (3 of them @ $600 a pop) and get the best warranty (full 3 years offgrid & 2000 hours) Kohler is half that for off grid and keep a good thing going! Yes, the Echo Gen "Can" run at a true 15 KW on propane at 6200 Ft above sea level (it was a 20 KW unit de-rated for off grid. The Kohler 14 KW RES on a good day would give you maybe 12 KW.