Wildcat FR0010D4 10kW Frontier 1ph Tier 4F Diesel Generator

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Wildcat FR0010D4 10kW Frontier 1ph Tier 4F Diesel Generator Features:

Wildcat FR0010D4 10kW Frontier Diesel Generator Features:

  • Wildcat FR0010D4 10kW 60 Hz generator runs on a dependable KOEL 4-Cycle, R550 Series Industrial Powertrain engine with a maximum 1800 RPM. Lower RPM makes it fuel efficient.
  • Frontier Diesel 10kW generator is equipped with a 42 amps circuit breaker to keep the generator and you safe. It detects and interrupts fault currents.
  • It is a modern diesel generator designed for residential, off-grid, oil & gas, telecom, disaster relief, military, first responder, remote locations, and more.
  • Provides industry-leading self-diagnostic capabilities and meets NFPA 110 standards for level 2 systems.
  • This Frontier diesel model is designed for 120/240V single phase service. Great for home and light commercial applications.
  • The alternator is fast and efficient with its double delta connection. While the R120 Automatic Voltage Regulator is well known for its high performance. AVR regulates voltage variations to deliver constant, reliable power supply.
  • The 10kW Wildcat generator is safe for modern electronics that have microcircuits. Total harmonic distortion is less than <3.5% which makes it perfect for use at home, work or the farm house.
  • Check easily the generator’s voltage, current, power, frequency, engine speed, oil pressure and coolant temperature on a back-lit LCD display.
  • Wildcat FR0010D4 10kW 60 Hz generator has a sound attenuated enclosure which allows it to run quietly at 78dbA. It has removable panels to allow for easy access for repairs and maintenance.
  • The model is specially designed for extended run times with its large fuel tank and liquid cooled engine. Run it for hours, days or weeks to meet your power needs.
  • The full pressure oil lubrication system extends maintenance intervals. The oil storage capacity is 3.1 quarts/2.9 liters. You can run it at 1500 ft (457 m) above sea level at temperatures as high as 185 degree franheit.
  • It is manufactured according to the following standards: IEC 60034, NEMA MG 1.32-33, ISO 8528-3, CSA C22.2 n°100-14 and UL 1446.
  • Wildcat FR0010D4 10kW Frontier is backed by a 3-year, 5,000 hours limited warranty for on-grid and off-grid applications. 

Wildcat FR0010D4 10kW Frontier generator is redesigned for higher performance and durability. It protects your family, home, store, shop, and office when utility power fails. In the event of hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, and wildfires power may go out for several hours and days. It is easy to run this diesel generator for hours at no end till grid power is restored. The large fuel tank and liquid cooled engine lets you run it for weeks if need be. Under all working conditions, it guarantees maximum power, torque, and consistency. This Frontier generator delivers excellent digital voltage and frequency. You may use it as the main source of power for off-the grid vacation homes or for work projects at remote sites.

It will run the lights, refrigerator, modem/router, security system, window AC, furnace blower, TV, computer, phone charger and more at home. At the workplace it will power the computers, fax machines and other appliances so your workday remains uninterrupted by power outages. It generates high quality clean electricity to power tools on the farm or construction site. Premium power quality protects all your costly electronics from voltage spikes that damage the product. The non-corrosive weather-resistant enclosure makes it perfect for use at seaside environments and extreme climates.

Wildcat FR0010D4 10kW diesel generator offers savings, convenience, safety and security to both home and business owners. If you are looking for fuel economy, dependability and durability in a standby generator, look no more! The commercial-grade engine, full pressure oil lubrication system, long run time, fuel economy, automatic voltage regulator, digital controller, and an affordable price make it the perfect choice. It is hand assembled in the heartland of America, Wichita, KS.