Kohler 20RESDL-200SELS 20kW Generator with Aluminum Enclosure and 200A SE Transfer Switch

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Fuel Type:
Propane/Natural Gas

Kohler 20RESDL-200SELS 20kW Generator with Aluminum Enclosure and 200A SE Transfer Switch Features:


NEW: Aluminum enclosure meets NFPA 37 requirements allowing for a reduced set back of 18" to combustible surfaces.

Kohler 20RESD 20Kw 60-Hz home generator runs on a reliable Kohler type CH1000 4-Cycle V-2 engine with maximum 3600 RPM. It produces 2000 watts with LPG and 1800 watts with natural gas. The operational volume is as low as 60 dBA. The dual fuel generator offers advanced voltage and frequency regulation with ultra-low levels of harmonic distortion. Excellent power quality protects all valuable electronics. It features the exclusive PowerBoost technology for a quick startup. Both the generator set and transfer switch functions are managed by a single digital controller. 20RESD is ideal for use with computers, laptops, cell phones and tablets as it runs on 60-Hz.

  • The cylinder head is made of aluminum while the valves are made of steel. The pistons are made of aluminum alloy.
  • The RDC2 controller provides integrated control for the generator set, Kohler Model RXT transfer switch, programmable interface module (PIM), and load shed kit.
  • The 2-line backlit LCD screen display with adjustable contrast is easy to read. It displays status messages and system settings.
  • Starting Aids include a Carburetor heater (recommended for reliable starting at temperatures below 0°C [32°F] and Fuel regulator heater pad (recommended for reliable starting at temperatures below 18°C [0°F].
  • Communication accessories include OnCue Plus Generator Management System and OnCue Plus Wireless Generator Management System.
  • 20RESD meets emission regulations for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with both natural gas and LPG. 

Kohler 20RESD is an air-cooled generator with a digital voltage regulator. It is designed for residential use. It is easy to switch between natural gas and LPG fuels while maintaining emission certification. The model is made for modern sophisticated electronics. The electronic speed control reacts quickly to changeable household demand. Digital voltage regulation guards all sensitive electronics against harmonic distortion and unsteady power.

The aluminum enclosure lets the unit perform quietly. It can withstand wind up to 181-mph. The cashmere textured finish makes the model weather-resistant. The model is easy to install and has a hinged, locking roof. Field wiring is easy with the load connection terminal block. The alternator is compliant with NEMA, IEEE, and ANSI standards for temperature rise. It has a self-ventilated and drip-proof construction. This model can be installed outdoors only. 20RESD is backed by 5-years/2000 hours warranty. Buyers get free shipping and free technical support.