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Generac 7030 9kW Guardian Generator with Wi-Fi & 100A 16-circuit Transfer Switch

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Generac 7030 Features:

  • The Generac 7030 is run by the Generac G-Force Engine. This engine is strong and stable, capable of handling strenuous use, is pressure-lubricated, and requires less regular maintenance than most engines.
  • The 100-Amp, NEMA 3R, indoor/outdoor rated Automatic Transfer Switch has an aluminum enclosure and provides 16-circuit, automatic power to your home from this standby generator.
  • Maximum 9000 LP Watts and 8000 NG Watts.
  • It operates at 62 Decibels, making it a quiet residential backup electricity solution.
  • The True Power TM Technology in this model reduces harmonic distortion to less than 5%. This provides cleaner quality of power for sensitive devices and appliances.
  • This model features Generac’s Evolution Controller. This LCD display monitors the battery and maintenance schedules, and operates with multiple language options.
  • A Mobile Link Remote Monitor (sold separately) allows you to check upon your generator, even when you’re not at home. Anywhere that you get mobile service with your laptop, phone, or other smart device, you can access your generator’s status. You can view scheduled operations, customer service requests, and much more.
  • Residential standby generators must be durable, and the Aluminum Enclosure and RhinoCoat powder-coated finish resist corrosion, and help this model survive the elements, including 150 mph winds.
  • The Generac 7030 comes with a 5-Year Limited Warranty.
  • Generac takes pride in customer service, and offers 24/7, year-round customer support.
  • Generac generators and their engines are constructed in the USA.

The Generac 7030 9/8kW Air-Cooled Standby Generator has enough power to keeping things going during an outage. It supplies 16-circuit protection to the house along with enough power to get you through the storm. It is affordable, quiet, and provides clean and mild power for even delicate appliances or devices. It’s a great backup power option for any home.

The Generac 7030 runs with the help of a Generac G-Force Engine. This engine can survive rigorous use and often. Even so, it does not need the same amount of maintenance as many units. The G-Force is also pressure lubricated. As a whole, this unit weighs in at 399 pounds. Its size is 48” inches long, 25” inches wide, and 29” inches tall. It can provide a total of 9000 LP watts and 8000 NG watts.

This model has an indoor/outdoor rated, 100-Amp, NEMA 3R Automatic Transfer Switch. This feature is in an aluminum enclosure and supplies protection—of 16 circuits—to the house. At 62 Decibels, this unit is quiet; no excess noise means that you and the neighborhood can live in peace as the generator powers the entire house. The Generac 7030 9/8kW Air-Cooled Standby Generator has True PowerTM Technology; this means a reduction of harmonic distortion—less than 5%—and clean power for sensitive items requiring power.

The Generac 7030 is anything but basic; a Mobile LinkTM Remote Monitor lets the owner keep an eye on the generator from anywhere. This item is sold separately. As long as the owner has an internet connection and a computer or smart device, that person can view the unit’s status, service schedule, and more. This model also has Generac’s Evolution™ Controller, which allows you to see details like battery status and any needed maintenance, and all in different language options.

These technological features make the unit more efficient, and other features make it more reliable. The 7030 is protected by a Rhino-Coat powder-coated finish and an Aluminum Enclosure. These elements protect the unit from physical damage, such as the weather—it can handle 150 mph winds. Generac makes its units to be reliable and takes pride in their construction. Generac builds its generators and engines in the USA using foreign and domestic parts. They provide constant customer service—every day, all year. They are ready to answer questions and provide any other necessary services. This particular model also has a 5-year Limited Warranty.


7030 Brochure 7030 Brochure
7030 Specifications Sheet 7030 Specifications Sheet
7030 Owner's Manual 7030 Owner's Manual
7030 Installation Manual
7030 Warranty 7030 Warranty
Wi-Fi Quick Start Wi-Fi Quick Start Guide

Generac 7030 Specs

Product Reviews

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  1. Just What I Needed

    5 star rating Product Review Rating: 5/5

    Posted by on Jun 15, 2017

    Great little generator. Powers up my essentials. AP electric had the best price on this Generac 7030. shipped the day I ordered it and arrived 2 days later. I would use this website again

  2. 7030 Generac, Read the Fine Print

    5 star rating Product Review Rating: 5/5

    Posted by on Jan 31, 2017

    Waited a few months for the 7030 Generac generator to be made and shipped, but it was totally worth the wait. Before you buy, read the fine print!! This model DOES NOT come with the pre-wired transfer switch as it originally stated on the website when I made the purchase. AP Electric's manager, Chris Tessier, was honest and assisted in getting the correct transfer switch without too much of a hassle. The generator was installed without complications and has been running just as expected, giving me peace of mind. The indicator light on the outside of the unit is also a nice feature, making it possible to see that everything is working properly before the biweekly test runs. A great generator for the price.

  3. Great Generator

    5 star rating Product Review Rating: 5/5

    Posted by on Jan 16, 2017

    This Generac 7030 9kW Guardian Generator won't power up the entire house so you need to be aware of that when ordering. However, it does a great job powering up the essentials which is what we needed this generator. Great experience from AP. Arrived quickly and undamaged. Satisified.

  4. Love it

    5 star rating Product Review Rating: 5/5

    Posted by on Jan 03, 2017

    Generac's 7030 9kW Guardian Generator with 100A 16-circuit Transfer Switch was the perfect size for my application. Arrived quickly with no damage. Happy!

  5. Nice Generator

    5 star rating Product Review Rating: 5/5

    Posted by on Dec 16, 2016

    This unit was on back order for a little awhile so it took a little bit of time to receive it. Not AP Electric's fault as they where on back order from the Generac and I knew that when ordering. AP did a good job of providing status updates. Once it arrived my electrician had no issues installing. Great looking little generator. Please with my purchase of the Genera 7030 9kW generator.

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