Generac 8025 GB1000 Portable Power Station

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Generac 8025 GB1000 Portable Power Station Features:

Generac 8025 GB1000 Portable Power Station Features: 

  • The all-new Generac 8025 GB1000 Portable Power Station is powered by a Li-ion NMC battery. It can produce 1086Wh. AC rated output running watts are 1600 while AC maximum output starting watts are 3200.
  • This 10kWh generator offers various recharging options: wall outlets, solar panels, the automobile or a generator depending on your situation and preferences.
  • This unit needs only 2.1 hours to charge from 0 to 80 percent charge level from a wall outlet. Using other charging sources, you get an even faster recharge.
  • Optional solar panels can be used for recharging and are sold separately. The built-in MPPT Controller of this solar generator allows for quick solar charging.
  • The Generac GB1000 Portable Power Station is an environment-friendly solution. It only uses batteries as power source and produces no emissions.
  • This lightweight model has a very durable and compact design. It is easy to use and maintain and has a sturdy enclosure. The ergonomic handle allows for easy lifting, while the onboard storage lets you stow cords and cables safely and conveniently.
  • The wireless charging pad will power up all compatible devices, including phones, tablets, headsets, and wireless earbuds.
  • Available accessories include 200W and 450W charge enhancers, a 30A paralleling kit, and 100W Solar Panels. Double the power by using the paralleling kit to run equipment that demands more power.
  • The large 4.7" multi-color LED display shows the charge level, runtime, and other vital information.
  • Safety features include protection against over-voltage, under voltage and short circuits.
  • This solar generator includes a free AC charge cord, automobile charger cord and a solar adapter cord.
  • This Generac 8025 GB1000 Portable Power Station is backed by a 3-year limited residential and 1-year limited commercial warranty. 

Generac has entered the portable battery market with the all-new GB1000 Portable Power Station that lets you unlock battery power anytime, anyplace. This solar generator is easy to use and maintain. You can charge the batteries from various sources for a quicker recharge. The GB1000 produces ample power to run all essentials around the house and the shop during a grid power failure. This compact portable model can be paralleled with another GB1000 when you want to double the power. Use it as a backup source of power when grid power fails or take it out for camping trips. Use it to power tools at the construction job site or for backyard parties. 

The Generac 8025 GB1000 Portable Power Station weighs only 35 Lbs and you can lift it easily by its ergonomic handle. It is easy to move around and requires minimal storage space. This solar generator powers all sorts of electronics including laptops, TV, refrigerator, microwave, circular saw, coffee maker, lights, laptop, and cell phone. When it’s time to recharge your cell phones and tablets, simply leave them on the 15W charging pad. During a storm-related or other grid power outage, it continues to generate clean power with zero emissions until grid power is restored. You can check the runtime and charge level and other vital information using the multi-color LED display at a glance. All Generac generators are engineered and built in the U.S.A. The Generac GB1000 Portable Power Station is shipped free of cost.