Generac 7224 14kW Guardian Generator with Wi-Fi & 100A 16-circuit Transfer Switch

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Fuel Type:
Propane/Natural Gas
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Generac 7224 14kW Guardian Generator with Wi-Fi & 100A 16-circuit Transfer Switch Features:

 Generac 7224 14kW Features:

  • The 14kW Generac 7224 home backup generator runs on the Generac 816cc G-Force 2-cylinder engine. It features a dual fuel carburetion system and operates on LP and natural gas.
  • The oil tank stores up to 2.2 quarts / 2.1 liters of oil. The pressure lubrication system allows the engine to give optimum performance for long hours. The model requires less routine maintenance than other models on the market.
  • TRUE POWER™ TECHNOLOGY protects your expensive electronics that have microchips. Guardian 7224 generates clean power that is safe for the latest air conditioners, computers, laptops, cell phones, and tablets.
  • The air-cooled gas engine can run at various speeds using the G-Flex variable speed technology. It speeds up when you add more loads and slows down when you reduce the load. This helps make it more fuel-efficient.
  • The transfer switch can power 16-circuits of your home. Choose to power only the essentials or a few rooms.
  • The electronic governor maximizes voltage regulation and optimizes the response to changing load conditions. It also maximizes motor starting capability making it perfect for all weather conditions. The digital voltage regulation is -/+1%.
  • The enclosed muffler and the aluminum enclosure help attenuate sound. The Generac 7224 runs as quietly as an air conditioner at only 65dbA.
  • Generac’s Evolution™ Controller features an LCD so you can check the run time, battery status, and maintenance intervals. This ensures the unit is always running in its top form.
  • The model is cETL/ETL & cUL2200/UL2200 certified.
  • This home standby generator comes with a 5-year limited consumer warranty. 

The all-new Generac 7224 is a 14kW WiFi-enabled air-cooled generator that continues to power air-conditioners, security systems, and home appliances when grid power fails. It generates clean energy for all your sensitive appliances and modern devices. This 60Hz air-cooled generator is designed for extended use in extreme weather conditions. It shuts down automatically in the event of low oil pressure, high temperature, over crank, over or under-speed, controller fault, wiring error, over or under voltage, and so forth. Wi-Fi capabilities, safety features, low THD at -5%, low emissions, low maintenance, weather-resistant aluminum casing, and low cost make it the preferred choice for modern homeowners. You can hook it up with the kitchen gas line and run it for hours at no end till grid power is restored.

The Guardian Series Generac 7224 powers an air conditioner, refrigerator, computer, microwave, TVs, lights, and more. The controls are user-friendly and make the model easy to use and maintain. You will not have to worry about maintenance for as long as 200 hours as compared to 100 hours with other models of its class. Generac 7224 is purpose-built for extended use. The non-corrosive housing is made of aluminum and has RhinoCoat™ powder-coated finish for weather resistance and durability. Generac is the #1 Home Standby Generator selling brand. All Generac generators and engines are engineered and built in the USA. The Customer Support Team is standing by all day and night, every day of the year at our headquarters in Wisconsin to answer any questions you might have.