Firman P03609 3650W Portable Generator with Camo Print

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Firman P03609 3650W Portable Generator with Camo Print Features:


FIRMAN P03609 3650W Portable Generator Features:

  • The FIRMAN P03609 is a portable gasoline generator designed for rough use in harsh environments. It is ideally suited for camping, work-site, and emergency power applications.  Thetubular roll cage design ensures long-term durability.
  • This gasoline generator runs on a heavy-duty 208cc OHV FIRMAN Max Pro engine with a maximum 3600 RPM. The engine runs cool and efficiently thanks to the Phoenix Fat Head Block.
  • This Performance Series 120v 60 Hz portable generator produces 4500 Starting Watts and 3650 Running Watts. 
  • The Whisper Series muffler allows it to run at only 67 dB, well below the sound level standards set by the National Park Service. When hunting or camping, its camouflage print allows it to blend with surroundings.
  • The all-steel fuel tank stores 5 gallons of unleaded gasoline. On a full tank at 50% load, the unit has a runtime of 14 hours.
  • The FIRMAN P03609 features the FIRMAN Power Stream alternator incorporates an automatic voltage regulator (AVR), ensuring high-quality power output without voltage spikes.
  • This 3.65kW generator has a splash oil lubrication system that extends maintenance intervals. The engine protects itself by shutting down automatically when the oil level is low. 10W-30 automotive oil is recommended.
  • RV-ready multi-feature Control Panel includes a 4-in-1 Data minder: An indicator illuminates when the oil level is low and it displays voltage, hertz, and runtime as well..
  • The unit has 4 snap-fit covered outlets: (2) 5-20R 20A-120V, (1) TT-30R 30A-120V RV-Ready, (1) L5-30R 30A-120V Twistlock. 
  • Certifications include EPA and CETL.
  • The FIRMAN P03609 is shipped with a user’s manual, free oil, free funnel, and free tools for easy set-up.
  • All FIRMAN products are supported by a nationwide dealer network and a 24/7 Call Center.
  • The PO3609 carries a 3-year limited residential warranty and a 90-day commercial warranty.  

FIRMAN P03609 3600W is a portable gas generator that s best used for camping, work-site, and emergency power. It has a camouflage print that helps you hide when you go camping or hunting. With a long runtime of 14 hours, it serves as a reliable partner on picnics, and camping trips. This RV-ready model is great for RV camping. It will keep the RV chilled and power up all the appliances you need to use to make the trip more fun. Cook or heat meals, have chilled beverages, make coffee, watch TV or listen to music on your trip. 

FIRMAN P03609 3600W portable generator features the Whisper Series muffler that makes it run quietly. Your neighbors in the campgrounds will never get disturbed by your generator. This gas model can also be used at home. During storms, the supply of grid power gets disrupted. In the absence of the grid power supply, you can rely on this gas generator to keep the family and the house safe. It will keep the foods and the beverages chilled in the fridge. You can continue to work on your laptop or use the sump pump to drain the flooded basement or use the kitchen appliances to cook meals. 

FIRMAN P03609 3600W can also be used at the work site. It can power your small shop and also run your power tools when grid power fails. You can carry on with your workday as usual when you have a gas generator working for you. If you have a backyard, you can plan to have parties for friends and family. This model will power the lights, music and fans, and more. All FIRMAN products are built to last. The customer call center takes customer calls 24/7.