EvoCharge Channeled Pedestal

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EvoCharge Channeled Pedestal Features:

EvoCharge EVC04 Pedestal Mount Features: 

  • The EvoCharge EVC04 pedestal mount makes your EVSE, iEVSE, or iEVSE Plus electric car charging station more convenient to use.  
  • It is made of corrosion-free aluminum and is suited for all types of climate conditions.
  • More than one EV charging station can be installed with the EVCO4 in order to service multiple electric vehicles.
  • This long-lasting pedestal mount is modern and facilitates safe and easy management of the charging cable.
  • The pedestal mount has a small footprint and saves space in your charging area.
  • EvoCharge EVC04 Pedestal Mount allows you to mount the charger to the precise height that is convenient for you.
  • The mount can be safely secured into concrete. 

The EvoCharge EVC04 Pedestal Mount can be used to mount one or two chargers. It is low-cost and durable. Mounting two chargers on a single pedestal saves installation cost and space. You can choose to surface mount or anchor the post in concrete. It can be installed at home or at the shop. Your electric charging station will be more convenient to use with this pedestal mount. 

EvoCharge EVC04 Pedestal Mount is shipped free of cost. Feel free to use the easy payment plan if you wish. EvoCharge is a leading California-based electric vehicle charging station company that offers home and commercial charging solutions. The company has a century of innovation experience in the automotive industry.