Cummins C20D6 20kW QuietConnect Series Diesel Generator (1-Phase 120/240V)

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Cummins C20D6 20kW QuietConnect Series Diesel Generator (1-Phase 120/240V) Features:

Cummins C20D6 20kW Generator Features:

  • Cummins C20D6 runs on a heavy-duty, 4-cycle, liquid-cooled, industrial-grade 2200cc diesel engine with a maximum 1800-RPM. The engine is housed in a Sound Level 1 - Sandstone enclosure and makes very little noise.
  • It features the PowerCommand 1.1 Controller, which is a microprocessor-based generator sets monitoring, metering, and control system. It has a 128 x 64 backlit display for system monitoring, self-diagnostics, and auto-shutdown at fault detection.
  • This Cummins standby generator connects permanently to your house through an automatic transfer switch, which is sold separately. It auto-starts and runs the generator when it senses an outage. Use a NEMA 3R rated ATS for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It comes with Intelligent Load Management. You can run up to 4 central air conditioners at the same time.
  • The integrated digital electronic voltage regulator protects your appliances from harmful voltage spikes.
  • It is designed for high performance in cold weather conditions. Factory-installed extreme cold weather kit provides an easy start when weather is down to -40°F(?).
  • Alternator voltage options include Single Phase: 120/240v, 3-Phase: 120/208v, 139/240v delta, 277/288v, 347/600v.
  • This 20kW, 25kVA model meets NFPA 110 standards for Level 1 systems by accepting a full rated load in a single step.
  • To protect itself the engine shuts down in the event of over speeding. Warning and shut down at low fuel level, low oil pressure, high coolant temperature gives the engine a long life.
  • It is one of the quietest diesel generators in its class that runs at 68.4dBA @23 feet.
  • Cummins C20D6 can be installed outdoors, 18” from a building.
  • The removable panels and service doors provide easy access for service and maintenance.
  • Certifications and Listings include UL, CSA, CARB, and EPA.
  • This 20kW diesel emergency standby generator is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.
  • Buyers get free shipping and free technical support for life.

The all-new Cummins C20D6 is a 20kW diesel emergency backup generator that continues to power cooling, heating, security system and other home appliances in the event of a power failure. Keep the family and the house safe when the storms and hurricanes bring down power lines. The model is customizable and you can get it in single or 3-phase configuration, and with or without a fuel tank. With two fuel tanks, this model will run for 2-days without any need for refueling. This diesel generator has advanced voltage and frequency regulation to protect you from financial damage.

The premium power quality it produces keeps all expensive electronics safe. It is perfect for use with computers, laptops, cell phones, and tablets. The heavy-duty, industrial-grade engine runs as quietly as an air conditioner making it a neighborhood-friendly option. Users can control real-time operations and diagnostics and view status codes from remote locations. Check the status of the generator from remote locations using Cloud Connect Smartphone App. Best-in-class protection systems make this generator a preferable choice for whole-house coverage and light commercial applications. The diesel engine has a simplistic design and is easy to maintain. All Cummins products are made in the USA and are backed by warranties and nationwide dealer networks.

NOTE: Stationary products can be subject to local emissions permitting requirements. Generator Set emissions datasheets are published to allow the comparison of emissions with the applicable permitting requirements.