Cummins C200D6C 200kW Agricultural Spec Diesel Generator (1-Phase 120/240V)

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Cummins C200D6C 200kW Agricultural Spec Diesel Generator (1-Phase 120/240V) Features:

Cummins C200D6C 200kW Generator Features:

  • Cummins C200D6C runs on a heavy-duty, 4-cylinder, professional-grade 6.69L QSB7 diesel engine with max 1800-RPM. It has an inline cylinder block with a cast iron sleeve.
  • The model uses 14.88-gallons of diesel per hour. The double-walled fuel tank is offered in various sizes to meet your individual requirements.
  • The 60-Hz, CARB compliant agricultural model features the PowerCommand 1.1 Controller, a microprocessor-based generator that sets monitoring, metering, and control system. It has a 128 x 64 backlit LED-display that shows the status of the unit.
  • The generator has a very efficient alternator with a four-pole, revolving field, brushless exciter, and drip-proof construction.
  • Advanced digital electronic voltage regulation protects all your farm equipment from harmful voltage spikes that can damage the product.
  • The low emissions 200kW agricultural model gives a fast response to load changes. Its brushless alternator lowers maintenance needs as it has more copper in the double windings.
  • Cummins C200D6C connects permanently to your farm through an automatic transfer switch, which is sold separately. Use it for a seamless transfer of power during outages.
  • Battle Short Mode allows the generator to override faults that can shut the generator down.
  • Patented 'Crank only' exercise mode allows you to exercise the unit at a time, frequency and duration suitable to you. It reduces fuel consumption, emissions, and noise.
  • The cooling system allows for efficient operations at up to 50 °C (122 °F) ambient temperature. The coolant heaters heat the coolant so the unit can start easily below freezing temperatures.
  • Certifications and Listings include CARB, UL2000, and EPA.
  • This 200kW diesel standby generator is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.
  • Buyers get free shipping and free technical support for life.

Cummins C200D6C is a 200kW agricultural diesel generator that will continue to power your critical equipment and automated systems at the farm and shop. The risk of financial damage is very high without electric power in irrigation, chicken farms, cattle farms, fish farms, and ranches. In the humid climate, the chickens that live in overcrowded buildings can suffocate without fans. Cattle will have to stay thirsty and may also get ill. To keep your farm animals healthy and the water pumps running, it is vital to get a Cummins Agricultural Series generator as a backup source of power. This way you will not suffer from business losses and your stock on the farm will stay healthy and safe. With a large size fuel tank, this liquid-cooled generator will run for several days without refueling till grid power is restored.

Cummins C200D6C diesel generator can be optimized in many ways. To automate the transfer of power from the grid to your generator and vice versa, use the automatic transfer switch. To reduce the generator sound a muffler and an aluminum enclosure will help. The enclosures are rustproof and will protect the generator from dust, debris, and other elements as well. To watch the generator diagnostics on a display in your office use the PowerCommand® 500/550 control system. This way you can keep a close watch on the performance of your unit. Cummins Onan offers customized solutions for on the grid and off the grid agricultural applications. All Cummins generators are designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA.

NOTE: Stationary products can be subject to local emissions permitting requirements. Generator Set emissions datasheets are published to allow the comparison of emissions with the applicable permitting requirements.