Cummins C150D6C 150kW Agricultural Spec Diesel Generator (1-Phase 120/240V)

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Cummins C150D6C 150kW Agricultural Spec Diesel Generator (1-Phase 120/240V) Features:

Cummins C150D6C 150kW Generator Features:

  • Cummins C150D6C is a 150kW generator specially designed for agricultural applications. It is powered by a rugged 4-cylinder, professional-grade 6.69L QSB7 engine with a maximum 1800-RPM. The engine has an inline cylinder block with a cast iron sleeve.
  • The generator has an efficient alternator with a four-pole, revolving field, brushless exciter, and drip-proof construction. It provides +/- 1% voltage & +/- 0.5% frequency regulation.
  • This model consumes 11.69-gallons of diesel per hour. The double-walled sub-base fuel tank is offered in various sizes to meet your individual needs.
  • Cummins C150D6C features PowerCommand® 1.1 Electronic Controller for automatic remote starting and stopping and precise frequency and voltage regulation.
  • Advanced digital voltage and frequency regulator protects all equipment and devices against harmonic distortion.
  • Patented 'Crank only' exercise mode allows you to exercise the unit at a time, frequency and duration suitable to you. It reduces fuel consumption, emissions, and noise.
  • Customization options include fuel tanks, remote displays, paralleling solutions and more.
  • It is equipped with an 800 Amps circuit breaker to prevent short circuits and overloads.
  • Standard Cooling Package with coolant heater ensures reliable operation in both hot and cold climates.
  • Cummins C150D6C connects permanently to your farm through an automatic transfer switch (sold separately), which auto-starts and runs the generator when it senses an outage. Use a NEMA 3R rated automatic transfer switch meant for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Certifications and Listings include CARB, EPA, and UL.
  • This 150kW agricultural generator is backed by a 2-year limited warranty and a worldwide network of distributors and dealers.

Cummins C150D6C is a 150kW emergency diesel generator specially designed for the agricultural industry. Most farms and food manufacturing facilities are located in remote areas where power outages last a lot longer. Tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, and floods cause blackouts, which place crops and farm animals and your investment at great risk. Farms that lose power for longer periods suffer from huge losses.

Cummins C150D6C diesel generator is vital to the success of your agricultural farm. It will continue to power your equipment, appliances, and tools so the farm can carry on with the work day as usual. Crops and farm animals can stay healthy when there is a constant supply of electricity to fulfill their needs. Your investment will remain safe in the event of a grid power failure.

Optimize your 150kW generator by getting the right accessories to enhance functionality, efficiency, and reliability. Alternator heater prepares the unit for harsh winters while the enclosures minimize sound levels. These enclosures withstand winds of 180-MPH. Install an automatic transfer switch to get a seamless transfer of power. Get notified by email or SMS when an event takes place with your unit when you get the PowerCommand® 500/550 Remote Monitoring System. It allows you to monitor data and control devices from remote locations. The use of muffler creates a calmer, less disruptive environment for farm animals and workers. With its several customization and optimization options, Cummins C150D6C is an ideal choice for agricultural and light commercial applications. All Cummins generators are designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA.

NOTE: Stationary products can be subject to local emissions permitting requirements. Generator Set emissions datasheets are published to allow the comparison of emissions with the applicable permitting requirements.