Cummins C100D6 100kW QuietConnect Series Diesel Generator (1-Phase 120/240V)

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Cummins C100D6 100kW QuietConnect Series Diesel Generator (1-Phase 120/240V) Features:

Cummins C100D6 100kWGenerator Features:

  • Cummins C100D6 is powered by a heavy-duty 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, industrial-grade QSB5 engine with a maximum 1800-RPM. The 4.5L engine has low emissions and gives a quick response to load changes.
  • At 50% load, this diesel generator consumes 2.8-gallons per hour.
  • Digital voltage and frequency regulation system protects all home appliances from harmful voltage surges. It provides +/- 1% voltage and +/- 0.5% frequency regulation.
  • The generator has industry-leading self-diagnostic capabilities with its Cummins PowerCommand® electronic control.
  • This 100kW, 100kVA model meets NFPA 110 standards for Level 1 systems. It can accept a full load at startup.
  • PowerCommand 1.1 has a 2-line backlit LCD that allows you to check the status of the unit and other system settings. Check the oil level, engine temperature, the battery voltage and more with ease.
  • Keep in touch with your generator while on the go. Check if the unit is running and how it is running from your Smartphone using the Cloud Connect Smartphone App.
  • Cummins C100D6 is housed in a corrosion-proof Sound Level 1 Sandstone enclosure and can only be installed outdoors. It can withstand winds of 180-MPH.
  • Factory-Installed extreme cold weather kit provides an easy start when the temperature is down to -40°F.
  • The model is compatible with Cummins RA Series Automatic Transfer Switch.
  • The removable panels and service doors provide easy access for quick service and maintenance.
  • C100D6 certifications and listings include UL 2200, and EPA.
  • This 100kW Cummins model is backed by a 2-Year Limited Warranty and a worldwide network of distributors and dealers.
  • Get free shipping and free technical support for life. 

The all-new 100kW 60-Hz Cummins automatic generator continues to run the cooling, heating and security system when utility power goes out. The family, home and workplace stay safe and secure during storms and hurricanes. This diesel emergency generator has advanced voltage and frequency regulation to protect all your appliances and devices. C100D6 is a liquid-cooled model perfect for use with all types of equipment including computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The fuel-efficient model runs quietly at 74 dBa. Industry-leading self-diagnostic capabilities make this a preferred choice for families and light commercial applications. Use it with an automatic transfer switch for seamless transfer of power during outages. 

This workhorse can take heavy loads at start-up and there is no need to worry about load management. This model has a very intelligent load management system that protects both the appliances it powers and the engine. There is no need to step outside to check on the generator when the weather is bad. You can use the Cloud Connect Smartphone App to check the run time, battery status, oil levels and more. The remote control system allows you to start and shut the generator while you are indoors. To get more runtime, use two fuel tanks at a time. Cummins C100D6 is an ideal diesel generator for home and light commercial applications. All Cummins generators are designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA.

NOTE: Stationary products can be subject to local emissions permitting requirements. Generator Set emissions datasheets are published to allow the comparison of emissions with the applicable permitting requirements.