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They’re Not Your Dad’s Generators Any Longer

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When your mind wanders to thoughts of weather calamities, no doubt it’s calmed by thoughts of generators. After all, severe weather leads to blackouts and generators return power to your home or office so you can live through the calamity without a care in the world.

Today’s generators can be the calming affect to your fear of winter storms, colossal floods, severe hurricanes, extreme heat or cold, or just a plain goof by the electric utility in your area.

But it’s not just their ability to lift a blackout, light up your home, and provide energy to appliances. It’s that they won’t damage themselves or your delicate electronics as they provide the power. They can do this because they have a whole lot of high tech features.

How Today’s Generators Protect Themselves

Many of today’s generators have features that allow them to override faults within their own system so that they can continue to work and will not shut down.

They are also equipped with circuit breakers that protect them from current surges that could cause a fire or other issues resulting in down time for repairs.

Most of today’s generators also have testing modes so that you know that they’re primed to handle any natural disaster that could lead to blackouts.

In addition, they are equipped with regulators that allow them to immediately react to load changes so that they can continue to feed power to your home.

How Today’s Generators Protect Your Household Appliances And Electronics

Today’s generators are designed to prevent any harmonic distortions from affecting your appliances and other electronics. They are designed to provide voltage at a fundamental frequency of 60-HZ. This produces a pure sinewave without distortion. Harmonic distortion occurs when a series of signals with frequencies that are odd multiples of 60-HZ are produced. This causes an increase in the amount of the current resulting in overheating of wires and equipment that could lead to damage. Today’s generators prevent harmonic distortions from occurring, thus saving your appliances and other electronics.

They also include features that automatically change the generator’s engine speed to produce just the right amount of power as needed.

And they have idle controls that adjust engine speed to the load without dropping power to other appliances.

More Convenience For You

Moreover, today’s generators are easy and convenient to use. For example, many include the ability to sense when grid power is cutoff and will automatically start to provide much needed power immediately to your home or office. There is no need to manually turn many of these machines on.

Generators also offer flexibility concerning the fuel they accept to run them. You can use gasoline or natural gas and many are equipped with batteries, including lithium ion batteries. The fact they run on natural gas means that you can connect them to the line that supplies fuel to your kitchen appliances for an unlimited source of fuel.

These machines can be controlled and monitored through your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. From wherever you are you can command the unit to provide you with status reports and diagnostic information and also allow you to control aspects of the machine. And, the fact that many of these units are equipped with Wi-Fi, you have easy wireless connection to them through the Internet. They don’t rely on cellular, which could be down or inadequate for communications during severe weather conditions.

Whether you’re home waiting out a storm or at a remote location, you can be sure that today’s generators are providing power to your refrigerator so that food or medications stored their will not spoil or heat to your water pipes so they won’t freeze during a severe snowstorm.

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