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Generac Guardian 6245 8kW Generator

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Average Product Review Rating: 5/5
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Product Description

When you connect a Generac Guardian 6245 8kW Generator to your home’s natural gas line or residential propane tank, you will hardly notice when power outages occur. Generac’s generator delivers power automatically when its sensors detect a power loss in your home. In fact, the machine’s detection system is sensitive enough to activate the generator within seconds of a power outage. The generator will continue to provide power until your utility company resolves the issue.

Product features:

• Starts automatically for 24/7 backup power protection
• Continuous fuel source from your home – LP or natural gas
• Digital controller with LED status and fault indicators
• Generac OHVI engine
• All-weather steel enclosure

Generac’s Guardian Generator comes with an Evolution controller. This feature has an LCD display that is dual-line and multi-lingual. It allows you to monitor available functions of the generator. Exterior indicator lights and a built-in hour meter make the generator even easier to check and maintain. The Optional Mobile Link system lets you use a wireless device to monitor your generator. You can receive status updates from the system on your smartphone, computer or tablet. A third party service professional has certified the generator based on NFPA standards. With this certification, you can position the product as close as 18 inches from the exterior of your home (subject to local building codes). The generator must be away from windows, fresh-air intakes and doors.
Under the hood

Generac installs an OHVI engine in its Guardian Series Generators. The company knows that your generator may be called upon to provide power for several days or weeks. OHVI engines are developed and made in the USA. The company also manufactures them specifically for use in generators. Generac was the first to develop and engineer an engine specifically for use in a generator. A generator with an OHVI engine is reliable, and it will deliver power to your home consistently during major outages. With a Generac generator, you’ll have a product that supplies best-in-class power quality. To earn this distinction, the company focused on decreasing the generator’s total harmonic distortion or THD. As a result, the power source has lower peak currents and emissions. Since the generator’s THD is less than 5 percent, it has less fluctuation and disruption. This feature ensures that your appliances and power sensitive electronics run smoothly when the generator is providing the power.
Benefits of choosing Generac

Power outages can occur at any time. Therefore, Generac makes sure that you have customer support whenever you call. The company keeps staff on hand at its Wisconsin headquarters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The power source’s sturdy, powder-coat finish ensures durability while the Galvanneal steel enclosure allows the generator to hold up in all kinds of weather including sun, rain, and even 150 mph winds.

Warranty Info

Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Year Limited

Product Reviews

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  1. 8kw for my father

    Product Review Rating: 5/5


    Bought this Generac generator for my father because he lives alone. I want to make sure that when I'm not around he is able to be comfortable in case the power goes out. He wanted a manual switch so that he can still control it. I didn't want that at all it aint my choice though. He doesn't use much so my friend that's an electrician said to go with an aircooled generator. I believe the 6245 will be plenty as a backup.

  2. Good backup for my cabin up north

    Product Review Rating: 4/5


    Over the past 5 years, I have purchased two Generac standby systems for two different properties, and they are great. AP Electric has sold me both and I am satisfied with the price, service and value.
    Living in Wisconsin, we can be subject to harsh winters, Tornadoes, and the trees that knock down the power pole. With these systems, we have peace of mind in knowing that we will have electric power and no surprises when we get to our getaway cabin.

  3. Great purchase

    Product Review Rating: 5/5


    I bought a Generac 7kw model some years ago and it worked fine other than when my well pump needed to run. It finally burned out and for the money I would have spent fixing it I just decided to get a new unit. I had to replace the transfer switch, but the electrician already had a spare so he asked me to buy the gen. I'm just happy that my well can be run at the same time as the rest of my house without fear of damaging it. I haven't lost power yet, but I'm satisfied with my purchase of the Generac 6245 8kw generator.

  4. Great place to buy from!!

    Product Review Rating: 5/5


    Submitted on September 2, 2014
    Great price,great shipping,great products.

  5. So far so good

    Product Review Rating: 4/5


    Submitted on January 2, 2012
    The pallet arrived as promised. The driver was helpful and the generator is on the pad waiting for the holidays to be over for hook-up.

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