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Generac 7037 16kW Guardian Generator with 200A SE Transfer Switch

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Generac 7037 Features:

  • The Generac 7037 is run by the Generac G-Force Engine. This engine is strong and stable, capable of handling strenuous use, is pressure-lubricated, and requires less regular maintenance than most engines.
  • The 200-Amp, NEMA 3R, outdoor-rated Automatic Transfer Switch has an aluminum enclosure and provides automatic power and protection to your entire home from this standby generator.
  • Maximum 16000 LP Watts and 16000 NG Watts.
  • It operates at a reasonable 66 Decibels, offering a quiet power solution.
  • The True Power TM Technology in this model reduces harmonic distortion to less than 5%. This provides cleaner quality of power for sensitive devices and appliances.
  • The Quiet-TestTM Self-Test Mode runs the generator at a lower RPM while it performs a five or twelve-minute test. It is also a more fuel-efficient model.
  • A Mobile LinkTM Remote Monitor (sold separately) allows you to check upon your generator, even when you’re not at home. Anywhere that you get mobile service with your laptop, phone, or other smart device, you can access your generator’s status. You can view scheduled operations, customer service requests, and much more.
  • Residential standby generators must be durable, and the Aluminum Enclosure and RhinoCoat powder-coated finish resist corrosion, and help this model survive the elements, including 150 mph winds.
  • The Generac 7037 comes with a 5-Year Limited Warranty.
  • Generac takes pride in customer service, and offers 24/7, year-round customer support.
  • Generac generators and their engines are constructed in the USA.

The Generac 7037 16/16kW Air-Cooled Standby Generator is quiet, superior backup power for your residence. It protects your house’s cirucuits and provides enough power for appliances, and even the whole home when used with a Generac Load-Shedding Switch. The 7037 offers so much power that is can even run a 5-ton AC unit. All in all, it’s an excellent backup generator option.

The Generac 7037 is powered with the help of a Generac G-Force Engine. This is a powerful and reliable engine, capable of handling long-term, regular, tough use. It need maintenance less often than most units, and is also pressure lubricated. It is 458 pounds in weight, and it measures at 48 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 29 inches high. In terms of power, it supplies up to 16000 LP watts and 16000 NG watts.

The 7037 comes with an Automatic Transfer Switch to help your generator power up and protect your house. This switch is outdoor-rated with an aluminum enclosure, NEMA-3R, and 200-Amp. It is quiet backup power, running at only 66 Decibels for those concerned about residential noise regulations. Additionally, it has a Quiet-TestTM Self-Test Mode; the generator slows its RPM so that it can run self-testing for five or twelve minutes. The Generac 7037 is a more fuel efficient generator than many others.

The 7037 is both quiet and gentle. The model’s True PowerTM Technology decreases harmonic distortion down to less than 5%. This means clean power that is gentle enough for delicate and sensitive devices and appliances. Technology makes this generator even more helpful. The Mobile LinkTM Remote Monitor—a device sold separately—lets you keep up with your generator’s status even when you’re traveling. You can see the unit’s status, operations, service needs, and more. All you need to be able to do this is an internet connection and connected device, like a smartphone or computer.

Generac is proud of its products and their durability. This generator comes in an Aluminum Enclosure with a RhinoCoat powder-coated finish. These details protect it from the elements, such as 150 mph winds, and from damage over long periods. The Generac 7037 and all Generac’s products are made in the USA, and comprised of foreign and domestic parts. To back up their products and reliability claims, Generac offers customer service all day, every day of the year for all sorts of questions. The 7037 also comes with a 5-Year Limited Warranty.


7037 Brochure 7037 Brochure
7037 Specifications Sheet 7037 Specifications Sheet
7037 Owner's Manual 7037 Owner's Manual
7037 Installation Manual
7037 Warranty 7037 Warranty

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great Transaction

    5 star rating Product Review Rating: 5/5

    Posted by on Apr 05, 2017

    Great purchase through AP Electric on my Generac 7037 16kW generator. Very responsive and great tracking on my delivery. They even delivered to the top of my driveway.

  2. Generac 7037 16kW Guardian Generator with 200A SE Transfer Switch

    5 star rating Product Review Rating: 5/5

    Posted by on Mar 09, 2017

    Generac's 7037 16kw generator with transfer switch is an awesome generator and the perfect size for my application. AP electric had the most competitive price and shipped the same day that I ordered it. Great tracking information to boot.

  3. Killer Generator

    5 star rating Product Review Rating: 5/5

    Posted by on Dec 08, 2016

    Very pleased with my purchase of Generacs 7037 16kW Guardian Generator with 200A SE Transfer Switch> I liked that it came with the transfer switch and I did not have to purchase separately. Arrived quickly and great price.

  4. Fantastic

    5 star rating Product Review Rating: 5/5

    Posted by on Nov 18, 2016

    I am happy with my purchase of Generac's 7037 16kw generator. I t powers up everything in my house. I have about a 2000 square foot house. Delivered to the top of my driveway. It is going through its weekly test cycles like it should. No real power ouatages yet but I am ready for the winter ice storms that occur frequently in Michigan.

  5. Happy

    5 star rating Product Review Rating: 5/5

    Posted by on Oct 19, 2016

    Very pleased with my purchase of Generac's 7037 16kW generator. Arrived last week and installed on Monday. Quick delivery.

  6. Great Service + Fast Delivery

    5 star rating Product Review Rating: 5/5

    Posted by on Oct 03, 2016

    My Generac 7037 16kW Guardian Generator with 200A SE Transfer Switch was installed last week. A lot quieter than I thought it would be. No power outages yet but cycles as it should. I am ready for Hurricane Mathew.

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