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Why Do I Need to Maintain My Generator?

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After you set up your generator, you may be inclined to leave it alone until you need it. When a product is out of sight, it typically falls out of mind. This means that you might forget about routine maintenance on your generator until it’s too late. Here are three prime reasons why you should keep up with maintenance on your generator after purchase.

1. Stale Fuel Can Cause Build-up.

If you allow stale fuel to sit in your generator, it can build up along the insides of the machine. In turn, you’re going to need to clean it out before adding any new fuel when you need it. Regularly checking on your generator and verifying the state of its fuel can prevent these issues.

2. Your Generator Needs Oil Changes.

Most generators need their first oil change after about 24 hours of use. This means that you need to be on top of your oil supply at all times. After the initial oil change, you may need to do it again after every 60 hours of use to keep the generator running smoothly.

3. Nuts and Bolts May Become Loose.

It’s not uncommon for nuts and bolts to become loose after an ample amount of use. Maintaining your generator will tip you off to any pieces that may be in need of tightening before the machine is turned on again. Furthermore, this gives you an opportunity to identify wear and tear on your generator as a whole.

Depending on the condition of your existing generator, it may be time to think about purchasing a new one for your home. AP Electric & Generators has a wide selection of generators to keep you powered during an emergency. 

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