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The Immediate Benefits of Installing a Standby Generator

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As soon as you invest in a standby generator, you’ll know that you have a source of power you can rely on for years to come, but what are the immediate benefits? There are several advantages that you’ll begin to experience as soon as you install your standby generator. Here is an overview of a few of them to grow your appreciation for the machine.

You are Now Protected against Blackouts
In the event that blackouts are common in your area, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have electricity in the event that the grid goes down. Certain generators are also designed to work for days, meaning you’ll be comfortable in your home until the problem is resolved.

You are Reducing the Risk of Frozen Pipes
This specifically applies to those who may need to use a standby generator in the winter. In the event that your power goes out and it’s cold outside, your pipes may freeze. This can cause an entirely different problem, but the entire situation can be avoided with a standby generator.

Your Perishable Food is Safe
Even during a short blackout, perishable food an electric-powered refrigerator is prone to spoiling. This worry becomes a thing of the past with a standby generator that can kick on, even during a brief outage.

For more information on finding the right standby generator for your home, contact AP Electric & Generators today. We have a wide selection of generators to suit your specific needs, as well as a knowledgeable staff that is prepared to answer all of your questions.

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