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How to Get Your Generators Ready for Unexpected Winter Storms

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Winter can bring unexpected snow storms that can knock out your power in a matter of seconds. Are your generators prepared for the unpredictability of the season? Here are three tips for making sure that your generator is prepared to take on everything winter throws at it.

1. Bring in a professional for servicing. Routine servicing and maintenance is a must for generators, even if you don’t use yours frequently. Waiting until a big storm hits can potentially leave you without power if your generator is not in working order. Find a professional to service your generator before winter weather strikes.

2. Change the oil. While it may not cause lasting damage to the generator itself, old oil can collect debris that may cause problems within your generator. Additionally, low oil levels may prevent your generator from operating when you need it most. Check your oil level and make any necessary changes before a big winter storm.

3. Check the fuel tank and line. You don’t want a leaky fuel line after a winter storm has hit and you need to rely on your generator. Check the line beforehand, and verify that your fuel tank has fresh gasoline. Use a fuel stabilizer to ensure that the gasoline and ethanol mix does not warp over time.

If you aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to your generator, contact the AP Electric and Generators team so we can discuss your current situation. Our professionals are dedicated to helping you ensure that you have a working generator that can take on the elements, regardless of the season.