Wildcat RO0060 50/60kW Roughneck NG-LP Prime Power Generator

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Fuel Type:
Propane/Natural Gas
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$35,000.00 - $43,700.00

Wildcat RO0060 50/60kW Roughneck NG-LP Prime Power Generator Features:

Wildcat RO0060 50-60kW Roughneck: The Prime Power Solution for Industrial Reliability and Efficiency

  • Durable Industrial Engine: Premier industrial-grade engine, operating at a fixed speed of 1800 RPM, ensures reliable power with quiet operation and longevity.
  • Quality Clean Power: Voltage regulation with less than 5% total harmonic distortion (THD) at no load, safe for electronics.
  • Compliance with NFPA-110: Exceeds NFPA-110 Level 2 standards for Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS), providing reliable prime power.
  • Digital Controls: Back-lit LCD display for monitoring vital parameters like voltage, current, power, frequency, engine speed, oil pressure, and coolant temperature.
  • Industrial Class Alternator: Features Class H insulation, standard 12-wire winding, and 2/3 pitch, complying with key international standards.
  • Easy to Service: Simplified engineering and non-proprietary parts facilitate preventative maintenance and in-field repairs. 

The Wildcat RO0060 50-60kW Roughneck generator stands out for its rugged simplicity and operational reliability, making it an ideal choice for demanding industrial applications. At the heart of this generator is a durable industrial engine, specifically designed to deliver strong, reliable power while maintaining quiet operation and extended longevity. This makes the Roughneck an excellent choice for settings where both power and discretion are valued.

In terms of power quality, the Roughneck takes pride in delivering clean and stable electricity, ensuring that even the most sensitive electronics are safely powered. Its voltage regulation system minimizes total harmonic distortion to less than 5% at no load, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of connected devices and systems.

Moreover, the generator's compliance with NFPA-110 Level 2 standards for Emergency Power Supply Systems highlights its capability to provide dependable prime power in critical situations. This adherence to stringent standards underscores the Roughneck's reliability in emergency scenarios, where power continuity is paramount.

The Roughneck's user-friendly digital controls are another standout feature, offering real-time monitoring of essential operational parameters. The back-lit LCD display ensures that all information, from the generator's voltage and current to its engine speed and oil pressure, is easily accessible, simplifying operation and monitoring.

The industrial class alternator further enhances the generator's reliability and compliance with international standards. Protected by Class H insulation and designed to meet a plethora of regulations, this alternator ensures that the generator can perform in a wide range of environments and applications.

Ease of service is a critical consideration for any industrial equipment, and the Roughneck excels in this aspect. Its design emphasizes simplified engineering and the use of non-proprietary parts, making preventative maintenance and repairs straightforward tasks. This not only reduces downtime but also extends the generator's service life. 

The Wildcat RO0060 50-60kW Roughneck NG/LP Prime Power Generator embodies a perfect blend of rugged durability, operational efficiency, and ease of maintenance. Its adherence to industry standards, coupled with advanced features like quality clean power output and user-friendly controls, makes it an exemplary choice for industries seeking reliable and efficient power solutions.