Propane Generators

Why Choose a Propane Generator?

Propane generators are as reliable and easy to use as the old-fashioned gas generators but they offer additional benefits. These benefits include lower cost, greater environmental efficacy, and more convenient fuel storage. As a result of those reasons, propane generators have become a more popular product for buyers.

Propane generators are more reliable in emergencies. They offer homeowners, business owners, and anyone with the need for backup electricity the peace of mind that their needs will be met despite power loss. Moreover, propane is easily stored for lengthy periods of time—it has an unlimited shelf life—so that it’s ready on a moment’s notice. Even if the generator has not run in some time, it will be clean and ready to go when it’s needed.

Propane is a more environmentally-friendly option: it is a clean burning fuel that produces far less carbon monoxide than other fuels, particularly gas. While proper ventilation is still important, propane is overall safer and cleaner. Additionally, propane is stored in closed tanks to avoid spills and provided added safety.

Propane is also affordable. It’s readily available everywhere: hardware and home supply stores, gas stations, and propane suppliers. The likelihood of running out and not being able to replace it is non-existent.

Propane Generator Types

There are plenty of options for propane generators.

Propane Portable Generator: This type of generator is easy to use. It can hold a 20-30lb propane cylinder. Propane spills are unlikely, and even if they happen, propane vaporizes. Extra propane can also be stored without much hassle. It has a strong and powerful engine. The portable propane generator is often used to power things like gas grills, but it also offers a wide range of possibilities as a general power supply. It is also protected from voltage surges by Automatic Voltage Regulators and it’s covered outlets protect connections from the weather.

Propane RV Generator: These generators are precisely what they claim to be—they’re propane-powered units meant to be attached to RVs and supply-related power. They offer quiet power so as not to disturb the vacationer. These models are lightweight, compact, and perfect for travelers.

Propane Residential Generator: Propane generators can supply plenty of power, even enough for entire home backup. The residential models supply emergency power for anything your home needs—lights, refrigerators, heating and cooling, etc. These models have more features to support reliable, regular home use and protect them from the elements, with:

      • A protective enclosure to defend against the weather and other damage.
      • Quiet operations that meet neighborhood regulations.
      • More power capacity.
      • Some include automatic transfer switches and power.
      • Some also offer remote monitoring and other convenient technological features.
      • And much more!

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